Artists that Will Make You Smile: Melly Em Clark

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Melly Em Clark is a Lincoln based queer feminist artist who oozes genuine charm with no motive other than one can only be described as a desire to spread happiness and self-acceptance. She describes herself as a “Queer Feminist and Body Positive would-be Ghostbuster” on her Instagram, and with fiercely feminist messages such as “Lion Hearted Lady” and “Be Inclusive with Body Love” featured in her artwork, it’s not hard to see why. Her style is quirky and unique, generally utilising solid colour juxtaposed with delicate fonts on digital masterpieces, though a quick glance at her pencil drawings proves that Melly is certainly not a one-trick pony.

It’s rare that an artist can truly show how beautiful they are as a person through their work. Melly has an authentic desire to make the world a better place while battling through the darkness of body-shaming and misogyny. Her work sends out clear messages, challenging gender stereotypes and championing self love above all else.

Melly’s illustrations are delightfully forward-thinking – combining whimsy, bold colours and encouragement that we are all magnificent beings regardless of age, weight, race or gender identification. Her work is relatable to almost all audiences while being created with so much thought and detail that it’s hard not to appreciate the pure kindness and heart that flows through each image.

Her work will influence young and old minds alike for years to come – changing the routines and attitudes of those who feel they are “less than” or those that have self doubt etched into their daily lives. Melly’s unforgettable positivity and optimism have encouraged her followers on social media through some tough times both socially and politically. It’s hard to look at her work and not feel at peace or happy that there are still good people out there willing to be the fighting voice for others who feel unable to speak out.




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