Making Friends as an Adult; An Online Guide

In my late teens and early twenties I worked in a whole load of short term office jobs, and during this time I found one of the office-chatter subjects I ended up talking about most often was the amount of addresses I had had in my life so far. At one point it was nearing the same number as years I’d been alive. My new colleagues would often be kinda surprised and ask how on earth I’d managed it, and the answer was just that my family moved a lot (comparatively to others around me) which is a habit I seem to have kept up with as an adult.


Making Friends as an Adult an Online Guide


I just can’t seem to stay put for more than a couple of years at a time!

Of course, the downside to moving all the time is finding people to hang out with. Forming new friendships was a thousand times easier when I was younger, both because of my age and because I was spending 8 hours a day in an actual workplace with people. Socialising with your new colleagues is the perfect way to get to know a place and settle into a new area, even if you’re never going to be each other’s new besties. But what if, as is my situation now, you work from home? How can you make new friends as an adult if you never really leave the house, for whatever reason?

Well, as with a lot of these sorts of dilemmas, the logical answer is to turn to the internet. With so much of my life lived online already, online solutions to chat with and meet people seemed like a good start. I have a great circle of ‘online’ friends, as well as mutuals who I enjoy getting to know and chatting with over on places like Twitter and Instagram. This circle has taken me a little while to build up, as I’m turning into a bit of an introvert in my old age too, but my online pals are scattered across the UK and the rest of the world – so whilst I love that they’re in my life, however large or small a part they play, none are really able to pop round for a coffee.

So I started to think about how I could meet people online who a lot more local to me. One fun way has been – as I’m a blogger – chatting to local bloggers through facebook groups and insta hashtags. Even though this might seem blogger specific, you can do the same with any hobby or interest. Plus, having the shared hobby means there’s no real danger of running out of things to talk about too!

Another option is using what are traditionally seen as ‘dating’ sites, as so many of them these days are geared towards making non-romantic friendships too. Aside from the big names in the dating world, there are some more specialist and localised sites that are worth looking at too:

  • Vina – billed as Tinder for female friends, a global app which now covers the whole of the UK
  • county-specific sites – these cover much of the UK such as the Cambridgeshire dating site, Surrey dating or Norfolk dating
  • Meetup – you propose a group activity (whether it be a night out, a coffee or a country walk) and others on the site with the same interests RSVP and come along. Great for meeting pals in a low pressure group setting
  • city specific sites – these hyper local sites cover most major UK cities and towns such as Glasgow dating and Aberdeen dating.

If none of those above appeal to you, have a search around online as honestly, there are loads. If you know of any great places online for meeting new people and making new friends then do let us know in the comments so we can add to the list!

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