7 Things To Tell Yourself on Low Body Confidence Days

Leah Morgan

Plus size blogger, Spoonie, wife, hoarder of pretty things.

Bad Body Confidence

We all have bad days, no matter how much time we invest working on our confidence. I’ve been on board the body love train since 2011, and although I surround myself with amazing people who see the beauty in everyone, I still have bad body confidence days. Here are 7 things to bear in mind for days when doubts and insecurities set in.

  1. Firstly, know that the diet industry is a 500 BILLION dollar propaganda machine and there are a lot of people who profit from making us feel unhappy about our bodies. It begins with diet companies, continues with health shaming medical professionals, and filters down to Photoshopped articles in newspapers and magazines. It’s no accident that body shaming is everywhere – people who are happy with their bodies aren’t profitable. It’s totally understandable to feel low when there’s so much pressure on us to lose weight or look like someone else.
  2. There’s no such thing as bad bodies. When we try something on and it doesn’t look right on us we blame our bodies, not the clothes. Why is that? The right clothes exist for everyone, you just have to find them. Experiment – try things on in stores even if you have no intention of buying them. Make the changing room your friend. Over time you will learn to trust your own judgement and notice things that make you look great. Buy those and forget about the things that don’t suit you. It has taken me 5 years of shopping and experimentation to be at the point where I know my style, but the whole process was fun and exciting.

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  3. Know that this bad day will pass. You’ve had bad days before and come out the other side, and this too shall pass just like clouds on a breeze. I find myself feeling low when I’m very tired or hormonal, so reminding myself tomorrow will be a brighter day really helps.
  4. Reassure yourself that everyone has bad days. That supermodel or actress you really admire? I bet she’s spent time examining her spots in the mirror or felt like she has nothing to wear, too. It’s perfectly natural to have down days, but you’re not alone! Most people don’t talk about their low moments, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have them.
  5. If you’re having a low confidence day, self care is in order. Do some of your favourite things, whatever they may be. Have a bath or shower and change into your PJs for a night in front of Netflix. Eat your favourite food. Do a face mask and manicure and call your bestie for a cheer-up chat. Experiment with wild make up looks or have a dance around your living room listening to your favourite music. Nothing is too silly – if it cheers you up it’s worth doing.
  6. Don’t make any rash decisions while you’re in a funk. I’ve made some howlers when I’ve had a bad confidence day. I’ve shaved off my eyebrows and given myself some horrific fringe trims when I was feeling bad about myself. No matter how tempting it is, stay away from major image changes when you’re down as you may come to regret them.
  7. Treat yourself gently because you deserve it. Life is hard on all of us in different ways, so don’t beat yourself up for your down days. You can’t appreciate the sunshine without the rain and having bad days makes the good days all the sweeter when they come around.

My go-to self care habits are binge watching tv shows (Scandal is my fave), watching the sunset or walking in the woods, and usually a bar of chocolate figures in somewhere too. Let me know what your favourite self care habits are in the comments.




Leah Morgan

Plus size blogger, Spoonie, wife, hoarder of pretty things.

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