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If you haven’t heard of Lovedrobe Loves, where have you been? It’s a fantastic campaign that the team at Lovedrobe are doing by actively using a variety of people to style their clothes in their own way. Whether you’re a blogger, an office clerk, a solicitor or a barista, they make no qualms. Everyone is invited! If you ask to participate in Lovedrobe Loves then you’re met with the two gorgeous girls Kate and Liv to have a photoshoot and video session. I met with them a few months ago for my own blog and this was my experience.

I arrived into Manchester, bright and early and met fellow blogger Charl before getting an Uber over to our meet up spot where two bubbly faces were walking in to greet us. Immediately Charl and I were put at ease as Liv and Kate explained the plan to photograph us individually, create small snippet videos of us and to have a jolly ole time. We head out into Manchester to hit up the street scenes and get some awesome shots. The outcome was marvellous, if I say so myself.

LovedrobeLoves, She Might BeLovedrobeloves, She Might Be

The video was rather daunting. I’m not a huge fan of putting my voice out there like this, but Kate made me chuckle the whole way through. Please brace yourself for my marvellous Hull accent, the ‘no’s, and ‘oh’s were out in full force.

All in all, the whole experience was empowering. I’d recommend anyone who’s a fan of Lovedrobe to give it a whirl. It’s time brands used their clients to showcase their clothes in their own style. Not just bloggers, but anybody. I tip my hat to Lovedrobe for this campaign and cannot wait to see what they produce in the future.

If you’re interested in taking part (why wouldn’t you be?) just drop an email to 


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