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Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.
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Let’s get real, real personal for a minute. I have a complicated relationship with sex – but not with sex toys.

I had a classic “wand massager” for 10 years, until it literally blew up and the cord frayed and set my tank top on fire. It was a very dramatic goodbye. I knew I wanted to upgrade, so I did some research and found LELO. I was lucky enough to find a sex shop nearby that offered the model I was interested in, so they kindly let me open the box and test it out on my hand before committing to a $140 vibrator. Despite the sales gal being very kind, it was an awkward moment, so I purchased it and get the hell out of there.


My first LELO purchase was the GIGI 2.

I purchased it in 2014. It’s a g-spot vibrator that’s waterproof and rechargeable. I couldn’t believe I was spending that much on a vibrator, but, LELO offers a 10 year limited warranty and it was time to love myself better. I like the GIGI 2, but it’s not my favourite – it’s not quite as powerful as I’d like, and it find it a little awkward to handle. Overall, I’d give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

After the GIGI 2, I wanted something better for my preferred activities. I consider myself to be “asexual”, so I’m not interested in sex with other people, nor am I particularly interested in anything that resembles PIV sex. Enter, or rather don’t enter, the LILY 2. Since I’d registered my GIGI 2, I got an email advertising an amazing sale on this outside-only clitoral vibrator and decided to treat myself.

I bought the LILY 2 a little over 2 years ago, and it’s still my go-to toy. It’s my old faithful. My trusty standby. My I-just-want-to-sleep-but-everything-hurts-and-my-brain-won’t-shut-up friend. I have to admit, I found the fact that it is scented more than mildly odd, but it doesn’t have any effect on the usefulness of the product, and, unlike Summer’s Eve, it doesn’t throw off my ph balance. And it’s super quiet – the quietest of all 3 LELO products I’ve tried. 4 stars! A real winner.

Once you get the hang of ordering from LELO, it just gets easier!

When they released the SONA and SONA Cruise, I just HAD to try it. Sonic waves? What? They had a huge response to this product and shipping was delayed by a few weeks, but they were great in communicating the timeline of delivery and it arrived promptly according to the updated schedule. The SONA is amazing. It took me a few months to warm up to it – it is really, really powerful and absolutely different from anything else I’ve ever used. Once I learned it secrets, we became best friends. This is my “I deserve it” treat myself vibe. The only downside to this model is that it’s a lot louder than the LILY 2. A lot. Like, really a lot. I wouldn’t recommend using this if you’re trying to be sneaky in a shared house. 5 stars! As in, you’ll be seeing stars after using this. It’s that good.

I would highly recommend LELO for an upgrade to your sex toy collection. I’m proof that their products are great, even for asexuals. 

Rachel Heart
Rachel Heart

Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.

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