A Love Letter to My Bikini

Rachel Heart

Rachel Heart

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Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.
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I recently purchased the Gabi Fresh “The Princess” bikini from Swimsuits For All. I’ve had bikinis before. I have other bikinis from Gabi Gregg’s collection. But I’ve never felt this way about a bikini before. Let me tell you why:

The fit is absolutely magical.

I love that you can order two different sizes. I don’t have to worry about cutting off circulation to my legs by buying the correct size for the top OR having my boobs fall out the bottom of a too-big top.

me in bikini in mirror

(Oh yeah, check out those toothpaste splatters!)


I love flamingos. Truly. They’re my fave. Well. Sea otters too. And whales. And cats. But if we’re going with birds? Flamingos are it. (Don’t tell the owls.)

me in bikini 2

I feel like a goddess in it.

There were Instagram comments telling me I’m a goddess in it. It makes the feeling show through to others.

bikini goddess


70% off? Yeah, I bought it.

hotdog bikini legs

(Ok no bikini in this shot but I’m totally wearing it, I promise!)


The cut of the bottoms.

All my bits stay covered and no one knows that I refuse to shave my bikini line. (Except everyone who reads this. You’re welcome.)

bikini area

It made me feel so good that I posted a gif of me wiggling around in it on Facebook.

FACEBOOK. Not Instagram. Facebook. Where my Nana would see it. And coworkers.

bikini wiggle gif

I can’t wait to put it back on.

In short, Gabi Gregg is magic and everything she does is art. Ask me about my Premme crop top and tote bag. I could rhapsodize about them all day.

This particular bikini goes up to a size 24, which initially made me a bit sad but less so when I realised that it is on an American website, therefore uses American sizing. Coming in at a UK 28 it still fails to include the top end of the plus size scale, but it’s pretty awesome to see a brand produce such an adorable design in this size and hopefully it is a sign of bigger sizes to come.



Rachel Heart
Rachel Heart

Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.

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