Living with dyslexia

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Hey I'm Georg, I'm a fun, colourful, geeky plus size girl from North East England.
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Living with dyslexia

School life has always been hard for me. The biggest problem I had was spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. English was always my most hated class as I was never good at it…  so I thought. Year 10 comes along and I’m struggling with a science test, as I can’t spell the chemicals names. The teacher comes to me at my second round of the test and says “You could be dyslexic.” For the rest of the day that is all I could think of, it makes so much sense now. This is why I have struggled so much throughout school life and even everyday with emails, msn, and texting. 

This was one of the most heartbreaking things but also biggest relief. Fast forward to Year 11. I have started sixth form college, I picked English, ICT, and Photography. I knew I needed support and the College offered that. I went to their disability support office, and told them the situation. I have never felt so happy that I knew this wasn’t going to hold me back anymore. This wasn’t my official diagnosis but it was enough for the College to go on before I started my Bachelor’s degree in the same college. 
Now I’m doing my Bachelor’s degree in Photography. Due to the joy of funding I had to be officially diagnosed by the NHS, otherwise I wouldn’t get the supported I need. This helped the most as I was able to get the software, called Dragon. Dragon is a speech-to-text software that lets you talk into a microphone and have the words put on the word document. This was most useful software for me out of all the support, I felt I could do anything…till I got told my documents read like someone is talking…which it was. AH WELL.
I have graduated and my dyslexia effected me more than my whole school life. I’m trying my hardest to get into content creation as a full time job and my dyslexia really wants to kicks me into the teeth. I try my hardest to work my way around it but not all work places have the software I need. Often I just get told to re-check your work, let other people check it, or don’t understand how my spelling and grammar is that bad. I’m slowing getting there but hopefully one day I will get my big chance. 
With friends and family it hasn’t changed us with now know it is dyslexia but it has help us open up more and getting to understand my learning disability. They never make any dyslexic jokes to me, unless I make fun of it myself first. It’s great to know that there are people out there who understand and love to learn more about it. Fun fact: Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and occurs in all areas of the world. It affects 3–7% of the population, however, up to 20% may have some degree of symptoms. I have met people from around the world who have dyslexia, to be able to talk about it and known your never alone, there is always help.
I suggest Dragon software if you do have the spelling type of dyslexia, it has helped me a lot though big worded documents. And if you feel embarrassed or hardhearted by your learning disability, remember Albert Einstein was dyslexic. Pablo Picasso was dyslexic. Richard Branson is dyslexic and there are many more famous faces who are dyslexic. They have found success and you can too.



Georgina Lydon
Georgina Lydon

Hey I’m Georg, I’m a fun, colourful, geeky plus size girl from North East England.

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