The Lindy Bop Size Increase

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lindy bop

When I was newly getting in to the plus size blogging world, Lindy Bop was everything. Their prints were bright and bold and plus size people were actually able to wear exciting, vintage-looking, fashionable clothing that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount. As time went on, though, I made a conscious effort to only shop with brands who had inclusive sizing. Lindy Bop stopped at a size 26, so I had to say goodbye to my favourite brand of the time. I still wore (and still wear!) the dresses I already owned because the money had been spent, but LB started bringing out really exciting prints right after I boycotted them and honestly, my heart was sad about it. I have tweeted and emailed Lindy Bop multiple times asking them to increase their sizing, and I’m sure many others have done the same.

And then I spoke to our lovely Kitty and she mentioned a size increase from Lindy Bop. My ears immediately pricked up. I read a bit more about it on her blog, and was very excited to discover that Lindy Bop really had listened to their many supporters and taken a positive step to increase their sizing. I’m thrilled!

Of course there are negatives in the situation. They have only extended to a 28 right now, which is a one size increase – putting them level with River Island Plus in terms of inclusivity – but its such a positive step that I don’t even care. I suspect that they are rolling out each size incrementally so that they can get a feel for the market, so if they see a trend of increased sales every time they release a new size the situation is only going to get better much faster. This is a good time to shop, right?!

The other downside is that the prints are nowhere near as good as they are in the rest of the range. Considering LB have such a huge size range already (6 to 26) I’m unclear as to why they didn’t just extend the entire range that one size larger. Don’t get me wrong: the five dresses that reach a size 28 are nice, they’re just not what I love about Lindy Bop. I’m looking for space unicorns, damnit.

So, am I going to start buying from Lindy Bop? Yes, I think I will. I’m not thrilled with the larger selection but I definitely want to show them that I appreciate the effort, and express that I would love for them to do even more. I encourage others who feel the same as I do to tweet them your shared support, and let them know that you can’t wait to see what size they extend to next!




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