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She Might Be was never intended to rival or compete with anyone, we just simply wanted to exist. And so it’s important to us to send love and praise to other online publications trying to send out a body positive and fat positive message, like Lifesize Magazine. They want to use their voice and content to continue to prove that ‘every body matters’. How amazing is that? We decided to pick out a couple of our favourite articles to share with you, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Lifesize Magazine

11 Annoying Myths About Big Girls That Need To Die

Sophie‘I feel like I could have written this piece! It’s totally written in the style I’m most familiar with: straight talking facts with a comical twist to make it easier to swallow. And it has gifs, which immediately makes me love it. The info itself is clear and totally accurate. I definitely smirked more than once reading it because its so true!’

The Life of a Transgender Plus Size Model 

Kitty‘Shay Neary is a transgender plus size model fighting for diversity and has been working with Yours Clothing most recently, I love seeing more diversity in campaigns and always want more!’

The Life of a Transgender Plus Size Model

My Body Positive Moment | The Time I Got Naked by Amy Wisehart

Daisy‘I love this one, it underlines the importance of getting comfortable in your own skin (REALLY comfortable!!) and for this amazing line – “I weigh the most that I’ve ever weighed, but I also love my body more than I ever have.” – when someone says they are “fat and happy” – please, please BELIEVE THEM!! Live and let live!’ 


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#MorePlusPlease | More Plus Size Representation

Zoë ‘This write up of the Navabi #moreplusplease campaign is great! I love that the community are coming together behind Navabi for this one.’ 

Oh Good, Another Size 2 Modelling a Plus Size Range

Carrie – ‘I think nodding and saying ‘yes, this! Exactly this!’ as you read an article is usually a good sign. Really good summary of the baffling practice of brands not using plus size models for plus size clothes.’

Jessamyn Stanley Talks To Us About Yoga And Facing Discrimination

LucyThis has really helped me to keep going with Yoga, I’ve been finding it more difficult recently and feel just how Jessamyn describes some classes, it’s helped me to realise I can keep going and I’m looking forward to reading her book!’ 

Lifesize Magazine

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