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Leggings are my best friend. They are comfortable, they allow me a full range of motion, they stop me from chafing and they keep my legs warm when I insist on wearing my summer dresses in November. However, I am bored of seeing amazing leggings on Facebook, excitedly clicking the link and finding out they don’t even come in ‘size fat’. There is no reason that your leggings need to be black and boring, so I’ve gone on a mission to find some fun prints to brighten up this chilly Winter.

I honestly believe that CowCow was 2016’s saviour of plus size fashion. Fat people finally got to enjoy the same quirky designs as their smaller friends, as each product had an extended size range. The best thing about CowCow is that you can submit your own designs, so you can literally wear any image you want. Finally I can wear coloured chevrons, mermaid scales, unicorns and rainbows to my heart’s content, which is basically all I have ever wanted from fashion. You can buy CowCow from Amazon UK, or for more designs visit their US site – though be prepared to add customs charges when you order from abroad.


Yours Clothing haven’t always brought out the most exciting range of leggings. For a long time, I was swimming in a sea of black and khaki when I went shopping for leggings. Recently, though, they have added some cute little numbers that will top off your winter outfits. I’m talking deep berry reds, luscious velour and even a touch of Christmas sparkle with sequins galore. The classic wet-look leggings have also made an appearance on their website, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them to see what they’re going to bring out for Spring 2017.


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I’m currently loving the sweatshirt and jeans look for going to University – mostly because it’s comfortable and it’s warm – so I am definitely appreciating Simply Be’s range of denim look leggings. Simply Be are pretty much killing it in the legging game this season with leopard print, Christmas patterns, denim, wet look, sports leggings and adorable muted patterns that will look perfect with your fluffy coat this Winter. They charge a little more than some other plus size shops, but it is always worth investing in a good pair of leggings. What I love about Simply Be is that you can buy the exact same product in a size 12 or a size 26 without having to pay more, which is exactly how fashion should be.


Even if you’re team “leggings are not trousers”, a quirky set of leggings could be the perfect way to inject colour into your outfit if your daily wear includes pinafores and bomber jackets, which are so on trend right now. Not only are they adorable, but they keep you warm so they 100% have a purpose in your wardrobe. Dare I say it – let leggings put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’ this Winter!


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