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July featured some amazing moments for our fantastic plus size community! This article really could have been a mile long, it seems like everyone is doing so many wonderful things right now. We’re so proud! So let’s dive right in and see what happened in July.

Callie was featured in Vogue!

Plus size blogger Callie Thorpe was featured on Vogue’s website! She featured alongside mega stars like the Hadid and Jenner sisters, and supermodels galore in a piece about bikinis to wear this summer. Seeing a size 24 body in Vogue isn’t something we thought we’d ever see, go Callie!


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I want to do something amazing for anyone struggling with body confidence and I need your help! Following recent posts of myself in swimwear I’ve had tons of feedback from people saying that they have been inspired to wear bikinis and swimsuits for the first time in years, which is absolutely amazing. Go on girls! But there are still so many women who don't have the confidence yet and I think that together, we can do something about it. I’m asking all of you wonderful people to share a picture of yourself in your swimsuit, using the hashtag #mybeautifulbody in the hope that we can all encourage each other to be confident around the pool, on the beach, or wherever it may be now, and forever, no matter what your size. I want to create a little space online where women can gain confidence and inspiration to be themselves and wear what they want this summer. In a world full of body bashing and negativity, let's give a big 2 finger salute to the "beach body ready" crap because we all have bodies and we are all ready. So here's #mybeautifulbody please join me, be brave for yourself, be brave for others and be brave for the next generation. How wonderful would it be for all girls to love themselves just as they are.

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Jess started a fab new hashtag #mybeautifulbody and shared this inspiring message of self love. Be sure to check out the hashtag, it’s full of plus size babes rocking swim wear to give you summer inspiration.

Stretch Marks Are Beautiful!

Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town shared this inspiring photo of her stretch marks on Instagram. People are sharing more and more stretch mark photos on social media, but so often the bodies we see doing this and being praised are slim, curvy, white bodies. Steph is a shining light of the plus size community and we cannot recommend her blog and social media enough.



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Topsy Curvy x Lovedrobe

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In plus size fashion brand news, Lovedrobe and Topsy Curvy announced their new collaboration. Both brands have very different aesthetics so we are really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Topsy Curvy have always stocked up to a size 32, so it’s exciting to see a new range on the horizon!


Felicity Storms The World!

Plus size model Felicity Hayward has been at the absolute top of her game this month! With campaigns for both Ann Summers and Katy Perry she is everywhere right now. Ann Summers have a limited plus size range so it’s brilliant to see it on a real plus size body, but seeing a plus size body in a perfume advert is even more unusual.


National Nude Day 

On National Nude Day blogger Becky Barnes shared this beautiful nude selfie with us all, what a piece of art!


Rosie Red Corsetry’s New ‘Wanderlust’ Collection

Georgina Horne treated us to a sneak peek of Rosie Red Corsetry’s new ‘Wanderlust’ collection. Rosie Red always uses plus size models in her photoshoots and her pieces are absolutely divine. True bridal dream dresses!


Chronic Pain Story

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Our own GG shared her chronic pain story. Having chronic pain can feel like a very lonely and isolating battle, so seeing other people share their own journeys with it can be so helpful to others in a similar situation. It’s good to know you aren’t alone, and to find out how others have pushed for treatment.


Plus Size Parenting

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This post has taken a while to publish but I've had a gin and I'm throwing caution to the wind. When @curvykate asked me to take part in their #MyBodyMyBFF campaign my knee jerk reaction was to reply with a resounding HELL YES because I am all about encouraging women to be a bit kinder to their bodies and treating themselves with a bit of love. However, it soon sank in that I would have to do it too. Not only that, I would have to put a bikini (well, tankini because I like to bend the rules) on and show my squish and dimples to the internet. And I panicked. I've written about this before in a post for @huffpostparents but since having babies I've really struggled with my body image. Two back to back pregnancies have really taken a toll on my body and physically it's very different to the one I had worked so hard to love before. And emotionally it feels like there's a lot getting in the way of me feeling anything but negativity towards my physical form. I won't lie, the last couple of months have seen me in quite a dark place in terms of my body image. The worst it has been in a very long time. The idea of putting a bikini on quite honestly made me recoil in horror. So, I took my time. I read other people's posts and I sat and thought about why this campaign is so important. This campaign isn't about people having a perfect relationship with their body, it's about pledging to be a bit kinder. To treat your body the way you would treat a friend. To nurture it and treat it with respect. And so, instead of fixating on my jiggly arms, my saggy tummy and the odd shape of my hips, I'm trying my very hardest to focus on my glorious boobs that not only look majestic but have also sustained my daughter for nearly 11 months, my awesome thigh tattoo and the incredible body that grew and birthed two magical babies. *deep breaths* ps. Tankini is @curvykate's Hi-Voltage and it is a dream 😍 • • • #plussize #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #psblogger #plussizemum #effyourbeautystandards #theconfidencecorner #fatshion #punkymoms #punkymomsuk #pmuk #size24style

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Plus size parent blogger Elena Lucie shared her post baby body for Curvy Kate’s #MyBodyMyBFF campaign. Her honesty and her story of self love is something many new Mum’s can recognise. Plus size parenting blogs are really taking off and Elena has written some incredible pieces on her journey.


Plus Size Manifesto

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Navabi launched their new Plus Size Manifesto, promising to encourage self expression, a wide variety of options for plus size fashion, be more inclusive, showcase those at the higher end of the plus size spectrum and so much more. Navabi are a company plus size brands can really learn from, they consistently are the change they want to see in the fashion world and we at SMB are big fans of theirs.


Navabi x Arched Eyebrow

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Speaking of Navabi, they released the first of their influencer collections, the first being with SMB fave Bethany Rutter. It’s a collection of bright colours and bold statement pieces, and it has been a huge hit. It is a delight to look at and we are looking seeing all the different ways people are styling their pieces from the collection!


Bethany’s Book Deal!

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Bethany Rutter really is on top of the world right now, after announcing her book deal in July. ‘No Big Deal’ is the story of fat teenager Emily and her life growing up, loving her fat body. We cannot wait to get our hands on this book, Emily might just be the fat hero we’ve all always dreamed of!


Tess Holliday’s Book!

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And in more plus size babe book news, Tess Holliday announced her book, ‘The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl‘. Sure to be a big seller, seeing plus size writers be given the chance to share the words with the world fills us with glee, and hope for more of the same!


Nyome is signed to Models Plus!

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And finally, the stunning Nyome was signed as a curve model to Models Plus! We see big things in the future for Nyome, and we are so excited to see what comes next. Congratulations!

Let’s hope August is just as exciting for the plus size world. If you ever see something that you think deserves a spot in our monthly roundups, then email, tweet, or tag us in the post.



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