What I Should Wear? – Plus Size Poems

Cara L McKee

Cara is a writer and mother of three, living on the West Coast of Scotland, she's recently been shortlisted in the Great British Write Off and had some poems published, and she's working on her first novel.

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What I Should Wear

I don’t need your opinion on the colour of my hair
and if I wear some make-up I don’t see why you should care.
It’s up to me how I will look and what clothes I will wear
and really it’s just none of your damn business.

And if I’m fat it doesn’t mean that I must be depressed,
or so free of concerns that I have let it all just rest.
My body is my own, I do not need to pass your test
and really it’s just none of your damn business.


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And women come in lots of shapes and sizes,
and fat and thin are just the shapes we wear.
The ones who are deemed pretty may win prizes,
but all are subject to the stranger’s stare.

And I can be a feminist and care about my looks.
A woman isn’t failing if she eats the food she cooks.
And keeping up appearances don’t mean I can’t read books.
And really it’s just none of your damn business.

And if I choose to shave, or not, is really up to me.
If I enjoy eyeliner flicks then they’re for me to see.
Concern about the surface doesn’t mean I can’t go deep,
and anyway it’s none of your damn business.

For women come in lots of shapes and sizes.
Our bodies are our own for us to share.
Whether bare faced or in make-up disguises,
I couldn’t care what you think I should wear.




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