Why I Am NOT ‘Unapologetically’ Fat

Why I Am NOT ‘Unapologetically’ Fat

Something wonderful has happened to society recently, and I owe it all to plus size bloggers. Slowly but surely, clothing ranges are being increased. People are changing their descriptors when they speak about the way that people look. “Fat” isn’t half-whispered quite so often, and I no longer see people blush when I can’t fit behind a table. And I acknowledge wholeheartedly that without fat women who were loud, proud, brash and unapologetic standing up and demanding that people take notice, body positivity would probably never be where it is today. But I’m sorry – I refuse to call myself unapologetically fat.

I feel like maybe the body positive movement should be split into definitive sections. At the base level, there were women who just did not hate that they were bigger than society told them they should be. The second section was all about self-care and nourishing the soul. Telling ourselves it was okay to be different. Banning any talk of diets and restriction; anything that told us that our behavior was wrong, and that we needed to change. This was an important step in building ourselves up slowly and carefully, to be the confident women we needed to be for the good of body positivity.

Why I Am NOT 'Unapologetically' Fat

Next were those plus size queens who stamped their mark all over the blogosphere. This had certain other knock-on effects: modeling contracts, fashion ranges diversifying, society generally becoming more accepting of the fact that there are other ways to look good. These ladies were everything wonderful about body positivity. They rocked their rolls and they refused to apologise for who they were. It was absolutely necessary for the progression of the movement and I am forever indebted to these women for their hard work – but now we’ve moved on.

To me, being apologetic implies that I had something to apologise for. In my personal journey, I have moved beyond this. I don’t feel the need to state “I will not apologise”, I feel the need to just exist without the assumption that people will want me to apologise. Being unapologetic is saying “I SHOULD apologise, but I won’t”. Being body positive is showing yourself off because you deserve to be shown off.

The movement will grow and continue regardless, and maybe some people disagree with me entirely – that’s totally okay! But the next time you declare that you are unapologetically fat, ask yourself why you felt the need to apologise in the first place.

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