Why I Love Attending Plus Size Events



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With The Curve Fashion Festival just around the corner, it has got me thinking about the plus size events I have attended in the past and how much they have benefited me. I have been lucky enough to attend a number of different events, but with each and every one I have gone home buzzing. There is something pretty special about being in a room of like-minded individuals that is really uplifting.

Plus Size Events

New Discoveries

One of the nicest things about some events is the opportunity to discover new brands. At various events in the past I have had make overs, made perfume, tried on clothing I never would have previously and so much more. Think of it as a way to try before you buy. Brands love this interaction because at the end of the day it is their customer base that matters, so being able to meet so many people in one go is fantastic for them.


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Meeting New People

Networking is also fantastic at places such as The Curve Fashion Festival, even if you are not a blogger. These days so many of us are social media influencers, even without trying. I really admire anyone who puts themselves out there on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook – so the chance to meet more of these and find even more plus size people to fill my social media feed with is even better!

See Old Friends

Of course, it goes without saying that seeing old friends is a real highlight. Blogging is great but you often make new friends that live so far away, you can’t simply hook up for lunch or go out for an after-work drink. Events like this are a fantastic excuse to get everyone together and have a proper catch up – which is absolutely lovely!

If you haven’t been to any events yet, I know they are nerve wracking but I promise you they’re worth it!

If you see me at one, please come and say hi!





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