How to Choose the Best Kids Clothes for the Back-to-School Season

How to Choose the Best Kids Clothes for the Back-to-School Season

You may be still enjoying the seaside with your kids swimming carefree and bathing in the sun, but the school year is creeping up and demands to be taken into account. Once you get back from your vacation, there is a long shopping list that waits to be completed. Apart from stationery and other school supplies and necessities, it certainly includes different types of kids clothes. Among the real needs, your budget and your kids’ desires, it won’t be easy to choose the things that are truly necessary and indispensable.

Even though your kid definitely shouldn’t lack anything, it is equally important not to exaggerate in fulfilling your children’s caprices and remain practical and objective. Moderne Child offers this compromise with their curated selection of children’s clothes. So here is a list of the things that are truly necessary for a smooth start of the school year

Kids Clothes

Start from What You Have

Before being swept out from the house by your children who are so eager to get their new clothes, go through the wardrobe and check what things from last year you can still use. First, do it on your own, then consult the kids to make sure they want to wear it.

There will certainly be some favourite t-shirt or hoodie in decent condition they don’t want to give up. So after this revision, you can see what the “weakest point” in your kids’ wardrobe is and plan your shopping spree. This wardrobe revision will also help you “build the case” of defence against your children’s requests and potential tantrums.

The Basics

It would be ideal to have one combination for each day of the week, not less and not much more, otherwise, you will have way much laundry to do. Depending on your child’s age, type of school, as well as the climate of the place you live, you should get seven pairs of pants/shorts/skirts.

If you have a girl, you can resolve the top-bottom combination with a dress. Also, get some t-shirts, and a few long-sleeve shirts for colder days. Don’t forget a couple of jumpers and hoodies, one or two coats, and maybe even some of the winter equipment, depending on your climate.


New sandals and flip flops can maybe wait for the next season, again depending on the place where you live. If the weather in your area is warm throughout the year, then keep them in mind as well.

But regardless of your climate zone, you should definitely get two pairs of sneakers, ones for playing around and others for school. Alternatively, you can use the old sneakers as the ones for playing, and then buy only one pair.

It would be good to get at least one pair of warm, water-proof boots, of course, unless you in live in dry places like Arizona or California or some similar place.

Another important thing which constantly slips my mind, don’t forget to renew your kids’ socks supplies for the new school season.

Dress Up

You have to take special occasions into consideration when shopping for the new school year. Again, you shouldn’t exaggerate, but it would be nice and practical to have at least two such combinations, ideally three, including one pair of adequate shoes.

You can solve it with a beautiful long-sleeve shirt, a pair of trousers, a skirt and a dress for girls, and two or three shirts and two pairs of trousers for the boys. Make sure that besides looking good, the dress-up clothes are actually comfortable and practical, as your kid really needs to feel good in that clothes.

Shopping for your children can be fun if you plan it out ahead of time, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you start.

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