This Week’s Highlights In The Plus Size Community #2

We were so happy to see that you all enjoyed our first highlights in the plus size community last week! We’ll be searching the hashtags, looking down our feeds, and checking out the most shared posts in the community every week to feature here! If you see something that deserves a spot be sure to tag us! (@SheMightBeMag)


Plus Size Hashtags

Volup 2 published an incredible list of plus size hashtags and which bloggers/influencers created them, as well as a super long list to ensure that your photos are seen by the entire community! There are really inspiring hashtags such as #mybodyisabikinibody and #theconfidencecorner by UK Bloggers Georgina Horne and Callie Thorpe!

plus size hashtags


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Plus Equals now caters to a UK42!

Now despite the fact that Plus Equals is ran by one incredibly inspiring woman, this brand is now catering up to a size UK42! From the start Plus Equals has been known to be fully inclusive and to celebrate all bodies, but this really is one of the most awesome things to here. Plus size babes of all shapes and sizes can now rock bright, out there prints, and styles! We’re actually doing a full feature on this, but I couldn’t not mention it as we’re seriously big fans of Plus Equals.

plus equals

Bloggers using photoshop

Our amazing Kitty Wood shared her thoughts on photoshopping in the blogging community and how she much prefers transparency. I don’t know many people who would disagree! My favourite quote from this piece is, ‘think how liberating it would be for a teenager to see their favourite blogger has acne scarring just like them!’  Kitty is such an incredible writer.

Kitty Wood

Psychedelic Floral

Zoe is an absolute fashion goddess and her latest look really wow’d the community! Zoe talks about how she wasn’t even going to buy this dress, but we’re all so glad that she did, it looks as if it was made for her! How beautiful does she look? Check out more photos on IKIWN.


Fat Club

Thankfully the first rule of Fat Club isn’t that we can’t talk about it, because you ALL need to know about this. Community loved husband and wife duo, Nicky Rockets, are bringing out ‘Fat Club’ t-shirts!! These are amazing and Perelandra has wrote about the rules of Fat Club on her blog which you can read, HERE. The Fat Club t-shirts come in sizes S-5XL, in different styles, and are £20 each available to buy now from Nicky Rockets.

fat club

Black Girl Magic

Have you heard of rapper and singer Lizzo? She is SO inspiring and sings about being plus size and fabulous. She ‘wants people to use her songs to make the world a better place. “I want to see tons of plus size pop stars,” she said. “I want to see black girl magic. I just want to see us way more.”’ I mean, how awesome is she!? Check out this video on Great Big Story.




Skin conditions are normal

Amanda is using her influence to show people that skin conditions, such as psoriasis, are really common and there’s nothing to be ashamed of! She’s actually looking for people to share their experiences so she can write about loving your body with a skin condition, how inspiring!

Get your arms out!

This isn’t an article that went live this week, but it was shared by Becky Barnes this week so we just had to include it. It’s a Good Housekeeping article on ‘How I learnt to love my arms and ditch the cover ups,’ a perfect post to read featuring lots of plus size babes.

get your arms out

Stop sending us links

Kitty wanted us to share this super interesting and relatable article from Racked, ‘Stop Sending Me Links to Clothes That Don’t Fit’. Personally I’m really lucky as right now, I don’t actually have many non-plus friends, which means I don’t have these awkward situations but they’re very real.

‘Every time a friend asks if I’ve checked Shopbop when looking for a new coat or Gchats me a link to a dress they think is just so me but that tops out at a size 10, I wonder whether the cause is a failure of empathy, misplaced politeness in not wanting to assume I’m too fat for Rag and Bone, or a mixture of both.’

Stop Sending Me Links to Clothes That Don’t Fit

Ditching Shapewear

Perelandra wrote an awesome post on how she’s ditching ‘magic knickers’ and embracing herself more and more. This is something that I personally really loved as I’ve done the same, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually wore shapewear or uncomfortable underwear. My favourite part of this post is where Perelandra writes, ‘Yesterday after having a perfectly great, normal time living my life I realised I was wearing a very fitted dress, my VBO was on full display and I hadn’t given it a single thought. Not one.’

no shapewear


You probably saw lots of plus size babes (including 4 members of She Might Be) at the Disney x Mac event on Saturday and it really was so surprising yet exciting to see so many of us invited to something not fashion related. I actually talked to the organisers about this and they simply wanted to stop grouping bloggers together and reach out to more people, so refreshing to here! It meant that we all got the chance to catch up and meet new people too. You’ll no doubt be seeing more on all of their blogs very soon.

Our beautiful writer @michellehopewell at the #disneyxmac event ❤️

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In the US

We couldn’t not mention the US plus size community and this incredible post from @SpookyFatBabe, with a super important message, ‘I don’t need to be healthy to be happy, respected or loved.’ 

Torrid also hosted another Plus Size Pool Party and it looked amazing! UK Brands take note, we need one of these!

And finally, mega plus babe Ashley Nell Tipton is making a wide-fit jewelry range!

plus jewellery

So there we have it, all the highlights from last week! What has been your favourite highlight?

Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.
Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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