This Week’s Highlights in the Plus Size Community #1

Welcome to a new section on She Might Be, weekly highlights in the plus community! There have been so many amazing things happening in the community lately – as well as a few negative things – so we thought a weekly post to see all the good, the bad, and the ugly would be an awesome way to stay up to date! We can’t always be online, and sometimes even those of us who live on the internet miss things, so here’s what you need to know about this week.

It’s been an odd week with lots of ups and downs, starting off with a girl having balls slapped on her forehead to blend her foundation, but thankfully the plus community is more tame than that….

Exclusive Discount Page

We’ve teamed up with so many plus size brands, in the UK and US, as well as UK Bridal Shops to offer exclusive discounts to She Might Be readers! Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding even more so it’s definitely a good idea to bookmark it and keep checking in. We all love saving money because then we can spend more!

plus size discounts

Navabi being Navabi

Navabi have seriously gone from strength to strength, especially with their campaigns and social media interactions. It’s no secret that this is down to hiring plus size blogger, Bethany Rutter. Last week it was all about their mock ups of plus size babes on well known magazine covers, and it really highlighted an important question: over 50% of women are plus size, so why don’t we see them on magazine covers more?

This week Navabi were back spreading love and positivity by asking people to send in their favourite outfits on a fellow plus size friend or blogger. It meant that our feeds were full of fabulous fat fashion and loving compliments.



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Simply Be Dinner

Simply Be hosted a dinner where bloggers got to bring up their issues with their We Are Curves campaign, lack of clothes in the higher end of plus sizes, and anything else on their minds. They want to do better and serve plus size people to the best of their abilities, so they had members of their different teams there to listen and discuss. As great as this is, a couple of bloggers (including myself) were a little sad to be left out and we openly started talking about this on Twitter.

This actually lead to a really open conversation between some of the most influential bloggers in the community, and there are a couple of things bloggers and influencers can take away from it. You won’t always be picked for every campaign, as Becky Barnes said, sometimes it’s just ‘not your time and that’s ok’. Feeling left out and being sad when you’ve supported a brand for so long is completely normal, and we all start to doubt our work when this happens, but we need to remember that we’re all awesome in our own right. It was really important to see this open discussion so that if and when it happens again, other bloggers will know that it’s okay to feel disappointed, and they don’t need to hide their feelings.

Nancy’s Level Up

Nancy has always looked amazing and she’s been a crush of most of the community for a long time, but her latest posts and photographs have really put her on a whole new level. It’s like she’s an evolved and rare Pokemon, a sparkly Pokemon. Every single time Nancy has posted one of her latest looks, the plus community have raved, shared, liked, favourited, and genuinely just loved her style. See for yourself on her blog, Sugar? Darling.

 Curvy Kate’s New Collection

Curvy Kate headed off to Greece with Georgina and Callie to shoot their latest and current collection and we are loving it! Seeing Callie and Olivia used as models lately has been SO awesome as they’re both at the larger end of Curvy Kate’s sizes at a 22/24, so it was amazing to see how the collection would look on women of all the sizes they offer.

Steph Strikes Again

Stephanie’s looks are just incredible, she’s constantly raising her style game and just when you think she’s outdone herself, another look goes live and we’re all clapping again! This week Steph released this darling pretty in pink look, and once again, it’s a huge hit. Be sure to see more of Steph’s amazing looks on Nerd About Town.


Amanda’s Post on Doctors Fat Shaming

Amanda is incredibly thorough with her posts and this week she asked people to share the most Outrageous Reasons Doctors Have Told Fat Women to Lose Weight. As much as we can laugh about how ridiculous these are, you can ask any fat person and they will have had an experience like this. It’s beyond sad that we can’t just be treated for what we go in for rather than it always coming back onto our weight. I love the advice Amanda gives at the end of the post, and as someone who has recently said this to a doctor, I can confirm that it actually works.

fat shaming


Yet More Fat Shaming and a severe lack of support

Not a week goes by that fat people aren’t shamed whether it be an online article, a segment on TV, or this week an actual poster on the subway and of all the companies you’d expect not to fat shame, Lush launched a campaign on health.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been as shocked as I was to see Lush, a company that I have loved, supported, and even worked at, fat shame its customers. Amanda’s post on this goes into great detail about why it’s so offensive, why lots of plus people will be boycotting, and why their apology was rubbish.

It was bad enough that Lush fat shamed in the first place, but the reaction and blatant ignorance from some much loved bloggers was even more upsetting. Some bloggers played the ‘health’ card, others called the drama ‘boring’ and to be honest it was just plain sad to see the lack of support plus people get from straight sized people.

It lead to tonnes of incredible tweets from all the best people, helping to spread a true body positive and fat positive message, as well as highlighting that health doesn’t define whether you’re worthy or not; we’re all worthy of love and respect. It was also important to tell straight sized people that they cannot claim to be body positive, yet not care about plus size people.

This lead to so many bloggers writing inspiring and much needed posts, including the following….

Small Fat Privilege 

Em surprised us all by writing about small fat privilege, something that has seriously needed to be written about for so long now. Em supports all and she’s well known for it, and I truly believe that she is the best person to have written this post. I hope others read and learn from it.

terrible tumbles


The true meaning of Body Positivity

Bethany really is the most articulate person I’ve come across when it comes to fat politics, this post on ‘How ‘body positivity’ lost its true and radical meaning‘ is something that everyone needs to read and know. Body positivity was never for size 16 models trying so hard to make their stomachs have a fat roll so they can post how positive they are on social media, it was for fat people.

body positivity

New Contributors Alert

And finally, we ended this incredibly long week with the amazing news that the very loved Kat (@MogPlus), formerly known as Murder of Goths, and Amanda (mentioned twice already in this post!), AND Debz (@Debzjs) will be joining the team here at She Might Be! Kat’s first post is actually going live tomorrow and it will be ‘Fat people’s health doesn’t affect their worth‘, and Amanda will no doubt be making some amazing content once University is over. We’ll be writing more articles based around everything that’s happened lately too as we really want to try and make the world a more fat positive place, and help to educate others on how to be a better ally to fat people.
We can’t wait to what amazing content Kat, Amanda and Debz create!


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