Hair Cuts Whilst Chubby

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Leanda Lewis

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Child raising, husband having, veggie, feminist, sci fi loving foul mouth gin swiller. I design jewellery too!
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Why finding the right hairdresser is imperative!

Sooooooo we’ve all been there I’m sure, your hair looks like cack and you want to go get the chop. You’re an adult, you’ve ideas dammit! And you confidently strut to the hairdresser to get your chosen look.

Here’s some experiences as a fat woman I’ve faced at the hands of bad hairdressers…

I’ve been ignored, at a shop in my town when I went in for a fringe trim as a new customer. She sent me away as she ran late then put me in the chair next to the hair dresser who staunchly ignored me for 35 minutes. I got up and left.

I’ve asked for a certain cut, to be told in no uncertain terms “it won’t suit your face shape.”

Hair Cuts Whilst Chubby

Here’s some examples I’ve suffered over the years…

Me: “Hi, I’d like this funky cut, as I’m a funky woman”

HD: “Have you thought about feathering.”

ME:”No, see I like this one beca…”

HD:”Let’s feather the front”

ME:”But I really do like…”

HD:”It will just soften it up around your face.”


ME: Yeah k then.

Or alternatively

ME: I really want this vintage fringe, here’s an exact photo. I would like this, and only this with no deviations.

HD: Here is my interpretation of what I think will suit your fat face, have you heard of feathering?

ME: Yeah ok fine

I’d go in for something radical and funky and come out looking the same every time, I’d be given the same advice and I found the whole thing stressful and upsetting. It didn’t do my anxiety any good and in the end I just did my own hair until I bleach murdered it.
Now I appreciate my experience isn’t all fat woman’s experience, you may have never been told something won’t suit your face, or been ignored or had an anxiety attack and cancelled. I have and it’s really disappointing and stressful, so imagine my delight when a friend of mine went solo and did home visits.
For the first time EVER No one argued or cajoled or politely implied I may not have the face for what I asked for. Instead she just said ” YES MATE ITS EXTREME and you can carry it.” I went from this

To this.

Hair Cuts Whilst Chubby

Never have I ever had a hair cut that I asked for, and it’s a revolutionary AND I’M HERE FOR IT.
Getting something as simple as the right haircut, in a non patronising way at your own house is the business and I advise anyone who is unhappy to keep searching. That magical hairdresser is out there and they can make you look like that lady from Disney’s the incredibles.

Leanda Lewis
Leanda Lewis

Child raising, husband having, veggie, feminist, sci fi loving foul mouth gin swiller. I design jewellery too!


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