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If you know any expectant parents about to gain a little bundle of joy in their lives, then this is the guide to alternative presents. As a mother to be, I have been given so many lovely gifts over the past few months, and whilst I appreciate each and every one of them, some have been more unusual than others.

I absolutely love useful gifts. At my baby shower I was completely spoilt with baby grows (size newborn- 3 months), blankets, and memory books. As times gone on I’ve been given other gifts such as teddys, nappies, and teething rings. You may be thinking, “who wants nappies for a present? I wanna buy the fun stuff!” Well I can vouch for many mamas/papas that we do indeed want to receive nappies. The more the better! Here are some other ideas for presents:

Expectant Parents

Clothing (for older babies):

Oh yes, every baby is going to spit on, poo through or dribble over items of clothing so it is fabulous to receive so many items. If you want to be super clever (and THAT friend that becomes the favourite quickly) then why not get some clothing for when the bubba is a little bit bigger? I got given a few items for 6-9 month year olds and 9-12. After I’d gone a little nuts on newborn items myself, I’ll be forever singing the praises of those who thought ahead for when the baby grows.

Teething Ring:

Fortunately for me, Nibbling sent me this adorable teething ring for my little one. Whilst I won’t be able to use it for a bit, it’s there and ready for when those uncomfortable moments happen. I love the general aesthetic of this ring and it feels super lovely in my hands. After reading their website obsessively you’ll find their teething rings are eco friendly and made from untreated wood and safe silicone. I have much to learn about teething, but having the right tools for the job is certainly gonna help me on my way. A teething toy is a great idea for a gift for a mother to be and one many may not think about!

Expectant Parents

Teddy/Baby Toy:

One of my friends picked out the most beautiful Jellycat Lion Toy for me on my baby shower and I almost burst into tears at the sweetness of it. Call it hormones, I was in love. If you want a gift that will tug at the heart strings then why not pick out an adorable cuddly creature for their little one to snuggle up with whilst they snooze.

Art Piece/Wall Decoration:

If you really have a feel for the taste of the parents to be then why not pick them out a nice wall art piece for their nursery? My walls were empty for so long that when I found this adorable little glow star from the Range my womb cried and I had to purchase it. Okay okay, it didn’t cry but I did feel very emotionally overcome.

Other ideas:

  • Giftcards (not so original, but extremely useful)
  • Nappies (again just darn useful)
  • Baby wipes. Baby wipes. Baby wipes and more baby wipes.
  • Baby bath sets
  • Baby books

I hope you enjoy shopping for this very exciting time in your or your friends lives. If you have any suggestions on other unusual/non typical items then please post a comment below! We love to hear more ideas.


Just a note to add that since writing this post, Violet has given birth to the beautiful Baby Jasper. We at SMB couldn’t be more thrilled for her, and wish her and her family all the best!




Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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