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Carrie-Ann loves vintage fashion (original, repro - as long as it's '40s or '50s inspired, anything goes) and her husband, and has an unhealthy attachment to Doctor Who, confectionery, and the Oxford comma.

When the invitation to my auntie’s birthday arrived, I had a bit of a panic. The theme was glitter, bling and more glitter. I loved all of these things when I was younger, but it’s been a while since I slicked on some sparkly eyeliner. It doesn’t really go with my vintage style.

After spending weeks searching online, I was looking through my wardrobe with increasing despair. At one point I was considering the sparkly hot pants I wore for a theme night at university (they’ve been at the back of my ‘I’m sure I’ll find a use for this one day’ drawer ever since).

Enter GatsbyLady

Carolyn dress

The Carolyn dress

I’ve been lusting after the Carolyn dress for some time, and was pretty darn excited when it arrived just in time for the party. A 1920s inspired style, it has subtly beautiful beading detail to the cape and bottom of the dress. Luckily for me at 5″1, the elasticated waist meant I could pull the dress up a bit so I didn’t end up trampling all the lovely beading into the carpet.


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Carolyn dress2

The dress was easy to pull on over my pin curls and it slipped down to my feet nicely. No need for any pulling, tugging or manoeuvring!

I did a wet set and backcombed the heck out of it to get this vintage-inspired hairstyle. Vintage can be quite restrictive while backcombing, so usually I have to do my hair, pull on a dress and pray to the hair gods. However, this dress was so floaty, it was easy to sort my hair while wearing it. I cannot stress enough how much I loved this!

I don’t often wear full-length dresses, as I worry they make me look shorter, but I felt elegant and a little bit classy. Which made a nice change to the ‘little girl trying on her mum’s clothes’ feeling I sometimes get in longer frocks.

It was mega easy to move around, get in and out of cars, drink, talk and dance in. Even though 1920s is out of my style comfort zone of 1950s swing dresses, I felt incredibly comfortable.

Carolyn dress 3

The vintage-inspired accessories

The subtle bling meant I could dial up my accessories.

With a 1920s-inspired dress, I decided to wear my vintage sparkly bug earrings. But I forgot to get a decent photo of them. Of course. Two hours into the party, my earlobes were two throbbing balls of pain (the perils of clip-ons), but they looked fab while they were on!

I wore my wedding shoes, glittery court shoes from Agnes & Norman (it’s not trading any more,  but was a sister brand to wedding shoe specialist Rachel Simpson) and topped it off with a fascinator from Pin Up Curl.  Sarah makes these by hand and I managed to nab one just before they sold out last Christmas.

My bag is vintage, purchased from Elegant Era. It’s beautiful and delicate. As a clumsy person, I have to try very hard not to trip while using it, lest it smash into a million pieces.


I had a lovely time, and I think we’re pretty clear that I would recommend the Carolyn dress.

Why I’d recommend the Carolyn dress

  • It’s so comfy you don’t feel like you’re wearing an evening dress.
  • It’s easy to sparkle up for a fun and flirty look, or accessorise more subtly for an elegant look. (A post on this will follow…just as soon as someone invites me to something where I get a chance to do this).
  • The embellishment along the bottom of the cape is unusual and makes it hang really nicely.
  • It’s possible to make it shorter without having to cut anything off the hem.
  • I wore it on a warm night, and the material was light enough that I didn’t feel like I was slowly roasting.
  • It made me feel elegant and sophisticated on an evening where I expected to feel anything but.


***Although this dress was gifted to me, this has no bearing on my thoughts and opinions expressed above – I’d have loved it regardless.***




Carrie-Ann loves vintage fashion (original, repro – as long as it’s ’40s or ’50s inspired, anything goes) and her husband, and has an unhealthy attachment to Doctor Who, confectionery, and the Oxford comma.

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