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Ah, Netflix – that bringer of joy – has done it again. Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching a show called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and it’s brilliant. Set in 1920’s Australia, it features Phryne Fisher, a fabulously dressed private detective who solves crimes with her assistant, Dot, and a couple of dashing policemen. Think a vintage Midsomer Murders set in the sunshine, only with better clothes.

And the clothes, my word, the clothes! It’s actual wardrobe porn and I love it. Because most of the costumes were rented, vintage or made specifically for the show, I’ve been desperately trying to source some alternatives. I know I’m not the only vintage-loving lady around these parts, so I thought I’d share a few bits and pieces that I’ve found, so we can all bring a little bit of 1920s glamour to our daily lives.

Never knowingly underdressed

One of my favourite outfits that Phryne wears is this white trouser suit with red jacket and cloche hat. Perfect for running around solving crimes, or for pretty much anything except eating chocolate ice cream. (As I write this, I’ve just spilt chocolate ice cream down my nice, pale yellow dress. I’m a little bitter about it and am cursing my clumsiness).

Miss Fisher

While I couldn’t find a white jumpsuit that looked remotely similar (help a girl out here folks – if you find one, please pop it in the comments), Gatsby Lady has an amazing off-white dress that would do the job nicely. I’d pair it with this Boohoo Curve Lexi duster coat and red cloche hat from Sheina Adelina Hats on etsy. These red gloves from House of Fraser are pretty pricey, but they’d be the perfect finishing touch.


miss fisher

And now for something sparkly

Super glamorous, right? And that’s just daywear. For evening jaunts, Phryne rocks feathers, beads and a whole lot of sparkly goodness. And, in one episode, just the feathers. Miss Fisher is my kind of woman.

miss fisher evening gown

Looking for modern interpretations, I turned again to She Might Be favourite, Gatsby Lady. They have a couple of maxi dresses that would work, but the splash of purple in the Alice dress really caught my eye. If I added this bargain satin wrap from eBay and sparkly headpiece of wonder from Joanna Reed Bridal on etsy, I’d be all set to solve a ghostly theatre-based murder (which is exactly what happened in the episode this outfit appeared in).

miss fisher

If you like vintage fashion, murder mystery, or foxy looking policemen (or all of the above), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries might be the show for you!

miss fisher

I’ve really enjoyed researching and writing this post, so I may well expand it into a series. I’d love to find some Dot-inspired pieces! Then there’s Mac (she’s a doctor who wears waistcoats and I adore her) and perhaps even Aunt Prudence. Ooo I feel an idea forming!


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