Four Reasons We All Love Stephanie Yeboah

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Stephanie Yeboah

Alright, who here doesn’t know who Stephanie Yeboah is?

Let me fill you in. Stephanie is the super-talented, sassy, gorgeous writer who created Nerd About Town – she is all kinds of amazing and we here at She Might be think she absolutely rocks – here’s why…

She kicks ass, she doesn’t ass-kiss.

Steph is opinionated. And vocal. She tells it how it is. And here’s the thing – she doesn’t suck up to brands, PRs or bloggers in the hope of collaboration or opportunities. Although she has worked with a list of brands as long as your arm, Steph doesn’t hesitate to call them out when they get things wrong. Sometimes it seems like her’s is the lone voice in a sea of chattering agreement, but she is still not afraid to speak out. We respect that.

Stephanie Yeboah

She would make a bin-bag look like high fashion.

I have never seen Stephanie wearing ANYTHING that doesn’t look good. Fact. Her personal style is flawless – whatever she wears, she looks effortlessly classy and stylish. Her fashion sense is second to none. Her makeup is always on point and her hair is gorgeous.  Stephanie is the very definition of fierce.

She writes with raw honesty.

Steph writes from the heart. If you read her blog (and if you haven’t, you should – there’s a link near the start and I will add one at the end for your convenience too) you will soon feel like you know Steph personally – she puts something of herself into every post. Particularly the posts to be found in the “thoughts” section. This one, Dear Body – I’m Sorry is a personal favourite, but there are many more.

Stephanie Yeboah

She wins at photographs.

It was pretty difficult choosing photos to accompany this piece, because whether Stephanie is behind or in front of the camera, the images produced are amazing. She really knows how to put an eye catching shot together – the composition, the colours – it all just works. Take a look at the Street Photography section on Steph’s blog – you really wouldn’t know those weren’t images shot by a professional photographer.

Stephanie Yeboah Stephanie Yeboah Stephanie Yeboah

Steph is such an important voice in this community and an incredible role model, we have so much love and appreciation for her.





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