How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the biggest challenges we came up against at the very beginning of our wedding planning was trying to find the perfect wedding venue. No matter how hard we looked, nothing was really standing out as somewhere we could see ourselves getting married. Added to that, there’s just so much choice, it was a little overwhelming and made a tough choice almost impossible. We kept worrying: what if we missed ‘the one’ because there were just too many to weigh up properly?

After many, many, many hours of searching around online and getting nowhere it was time to start thinking outside the box a little bit. I spent some time thinking about exactly what we wanted from our venue, and used some alternative methods to track down that one perfect place. If you’re faced with the same tough choice, I thought I’d share with you some tips and tricks we used that just might help you find your very own perfect wedding venue.


Initially, we didn’t really have any particular location in mind – other than the UK in general – and this was probably our first mistake. We thought keeping the location so open would make finding somewhere that little bit different so much easier, but in reality, for every idea we had there were endless venues across the country that fit the bill.

Narrowing down the ‘where’ really helps with making solid decisions further down the line. Sometimes having too many options means you can’t see the wood for the trees, having a smaller pool of venues to choose from helped us make a better decision because we had more time to visit places and consider them properly.


Are you thinking of having a themed wedding? This can actually be a huge help for choosing your perfect venue. A theme doesn’t necessarily have to be something very specific like ‘Disney’ or ‘Wes Anderson films’, it can be more of a vague aesthetic; including the time of year you choose.

If you love the idea of a winter wedding, then a venue that relies heavily on it’s outdoor space might not be the one for you. However, if you’re looking to get married in the spring or summer, then those kinds of lovely country house venues with tons of outdoor space (like these stunning ones from Bijou Weddings) would fit the bill perfectly.

Guest List

Another factor to consider is how many people you’re inviting. There are many ‘non-traditional’ venues that cater to smaller and more intimate groups, such as bars and restaurants, which can have such beautiful decor that you could save a fortune on the cost of decorating yourself!

Social Media

Once you’ve narrowed down the location, theme and guest list you should have a really good idea of what kind of venue will be perfect for your wedding day and in which area. If all the usual avenues of tracking somewhere down – such as google searches and local word of mouth – are turning up a blank, then try turning to social media for help.

Wedding groups on Facebook are great for recommendations from people local to the area you want to get married in, you can even get some excellent advice from brides who have used venues exactly like the one you’re looking for! Searching through hashtags on Instagram and Twitter is another great way of using social media to find venues too, try hashtags for where you want to get married or ones related to your theme for the best results.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you on your way and give you some additional ideas to find your perfect wedding venue. How did you find yours? Did you find it to be a challenge or was coming across your dream venue relatively easy? Please share your experiences in the comments to help other brides- and grooms-to-be in their quest for the perfect venue!

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