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february favourites

February is generally a pretty good month. The ‘January Feeling’ begins to ascend and the sun actually gets a chance to shine. Hopefully the majority of you got a little something for Valentine’s Day, and those who didn’t will have followed our advice and treated yourself this month. And of course, the best part of every February is Pancake Day and we didn’t hesitate to grab the Nutella and tuck in. Here’s what else we were loving this February.

February has been the month of Elle King for a lot of us here at SMB. It all started with this photo of her at the Grammys, which caused the majority of us to promptly fall in love with the dream in floral that she was wearing. Most of us are old and incredibly uncool so didn’t realise who she was, which led to a massive Spotify sesh. Her older stuff is definitely our favourite; bluesy, country-inspired goodness at its best.



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And speaking of Spotify, those of us who weren’t caught up in an Elle King haze were taking advantage of the fact that Prince was back on Spotify this month. It’s a little bit cheeky because Prince himself would have hated the fact that he was on there, but it was the perfect opportunity for a healthy dose of nostalgia. I’m also loving listening to Sia on repeat; Bird Set Free is my favourite right now.

We were loving embroidery and mesh this month, with River Island and ASOS providing the most eye candy. This embroidered midi dress from River Island is absolutely beautiful, we’re particularly loving the embroidery over the mesh sleeve. ASOS delivered again with this fiery number that we can totally picture ourselves rocking this Summer with an oversized hat and glasses, and the goth in all of us was just a little bit obsessed with this Alice & You perfection in mesh.

Those of us who always have a phone within arms reach had some favourite apps we wanted to share this month. I rekindled my love affair with the Wish App, and have an unknown number of packages arriving in time for my kids’ birthdays in April at a fraction of the cost I’d have paid in GB. I have also been obsessed with Ramsay DASH, another cooking game but this time featuring Gordon Ramsay, which is constantly offering new levels and enough variety to have kept me interested for months. We’ve also been loving period tracking apps this month: Hormone Horoscope is great for those who have regular cycles, as it offers insight into why you might be feeling a certain way on specific days, and Eve is just absolutely brilliant. I found out about it on Tara Catstello’s blog and her review is definitely worth a read. In fact, we’ve been loving Tara in general this month.

Sarah Manning is an up-and-coming designer who has been crowd-funded via IndieGoGo to produce clothing up to a size 32, with promises that she can extend her sizes further upon request. We’re eagerly awaiting the release of her clothing, which is promised for later on this year!




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