Favourite prints of AW16

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This Autumn/Winter we are being treated to an array of beautiful and striking prints from so many plus size retailers. The options are endless so whether you want a print to make you feel sassy or one to make you stand out from a crowd, there’s going to be the perfect print for you. I’ve been scrolling through the internet and found out some of my favourites from some of our favourite brands!

Simply Be are constantly updating with incredible clothes and prints. This sheer tropical themed shirt dress from Koko is amazing. It gives all the vibes of summer and tiki with the style of Autumn. It’s a gorgeous print and it’s a great staple for your wardrobe as a layer option.

What I love about this print from Lovedrobe is how the mustard stripes really make the blue stand out. Mixed in with the black and white, it makes this shirt a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe as the nights draw in. You could definitely glam this up or have it as a casual option. We love versatile clothes!


Favourite prints of AW16
This print from Navabi is WOW, fun and just so bright! It might be a little bit too busy for some, with the different patterns within the print but I adore it. It makes the perfect eye-catching winter coat, with the blue fur adding a little extra warmth and glamour.

You can never go wrong with cats. Well, unless you don’t like cats of course, but still, it’s a very cute print. Even if you aren’t a cat fan, it’s a quirky print with a vintage feel to it. Perfect for those who like the pin up look too. We do love Lady V! They also have this incredible Hooting Owl print dress, it has such a cute and warm feeling to it, it’s definitely going to be a sell out!


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Favourite prints of AW16

What I’m loving about AW16 so far is that a lot of brands are steering away from the stereotypical dark prints and colours but going towards more fun, bright and cute prints. Which is perfect in my opinion, as a girl who clings on to the summer months for as long as she can, these prints are just brilliant.

What do you make of my favourite prints? Do you have a print that you’re loving this year? Feel free to share your thoughts and what you have loved about AW16.


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