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NYX Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand that launched in 1999. I fell in love with NYX two years ago after stumbling across them on ASOS. After avoiding lipsticks for years, I took the plunge and purchased their Matte Lipstick in the shade Euro Trash when I found out they were also a cruelty free brand.

I am absolutely by no means an aspiring makeup artist, but NYX have made their brand accessible to those (like me) who are still dabbling in breaking away from their usual makeup routine. Even better, their cosmetics are of a quality which definitely feels like it is used by professionals! It’s also well priced, no more expensive than the usual brands you find in Boots, meaning I don’t feel guilty about treating myself to a new lipstick.  My entire make up bag is now full of NYX and here are my favourite products!

NYX Cosmetics

Matte Lipstick

This is an easy lipstick – by that I mean I can whack it on without really having to concentrate too much and it still looks neat and tidy. I have found myself wearing it everyday and it was a brilliant lipstick to start with as a beginner.

Ultimate Shadow Palette

From eye-popping colour to warm neutrals, NYX’s eyeshadow palettes last forever and are excellent value – 16 shades for £16!


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Face & Body Glitter

I’m starting to really, really love sparkles. I’m 24 but I’m fairly certain my love for glitter was delayed 20 years. These pots of face & body glitter help me to feel that it’s socially acceptable for an adult to be using body glitter when I am not at a festival. The bronze is especially pretty for the Summer time!


NYX Cosmetics 2

HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

I have really awful red areas, and find the minty coloured concealer is perfect for toning them down. It’s pretty heavy duty and won’t shift (unless you’re experiencing a heatwave, then it’s just the one top up at lunch time) and definitely reduces those red patches. It also comes other colour correcting shades as well as a full range of skin tones.

Full Throttle Lipstick 

Holy Moly is this stuff magical. It. Just. Does. Not. Smudge. I put it on and it feels a little silky for maybe a half an hour but after that – it stays put! It’s incredible. I have it in two shades, Night Crawler (see pic below) and Side Kick. It can dehydrate your lips a little, so if you’re prone to that make sure to put some Vaseline on the night before.


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Eyebrow Powder Pencil

Just an easy and simple eyebrow pencil and fills in flawlessly while giving you total control. I’ve found some pencils fill and shape as a combo very well. This eyebrow pencil just does the job for you and makes your brow routine half the time it used to be.

Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

A full coverage foundation that’s light and doesn’t upset my dry skin for £6.00 is something I am never letting go of again. Oil free and water based with a matte finish!


Are you a fan of NYX, or the brand is new to you? Let us know who your favourite cruelty free make up brand is, or what your favourite NYX product is in the comments!


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