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As someone who is committed to promoting fat positivity and fat acceptance in every way I can and every format I can, body art can be the perfect and lasting way to express yourself. Why not adorn your body with a powerful image of a fat positive merbabe, superhero or bad ass quote? It’s truly inspiring and rebellious. I personally have 3 fat positive tattoos, 4 if you count Ursula and plan to have more (mine are number 10 on the list!) and I know I’m not the only one out there, so with that in mind I’ve done the searching for you and done a little round up post showing a few of my favourites on Instagram.

Lucy Blue Tattoo

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Lucy Blue Tattoo

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Charlotte Ann Harris


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Ginelle Tesa


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Hollie West

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Kristin Fraser Tattoos

Jean X Tattoo

Katie McGowan Tattoos

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There we go, pizza, fat babes and thunder thighs galore! I believe that body art is a fun and lasting way of getting Fat Acceptance out there, of making it as visible as our fat bodies and it’s a message that lasts for a lifetime.
Do you have any fat positive tattoos? Or a favourite artist that does chubby pin ups?

If so, please do share with us and let us know your thoughts!




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