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Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

There is a high chance that if you’re reading this article that you are plus size and therefore have, you think, heard every fat person rule in the book. You know the ones – don’t wear horizontal stripes, don’t wear anything tight fitting, only wear dark colours as they are slimming etc etc etc. Obviously these are all absolutely ridiculous. A fat person can wear anything a thin person does and the only person’s opinion that matters is their own. I was having just this conversation with a work colleague the other week and she made a comment that actually shocked me a little – that not only will she not wear certain prints or bright colors, but that she was also of the opinion that if you’re plus size there are certain fabrics that you most certainly shouldn’t wear.

Unsurprisingly the first one she mentioned was real or faux leather which I admit I have heard before, but she followed it up with satin, velvet, anything sheer and anything covered in sequins! I told her that she had just mentioned five of the fabrics I most like to wear myself which in turn shocked her and the conversation got more in depth from there, but it inspired me to share with you some beautiful pieces of clothing in these fabrics that are available right now in sizes to fit a gorgeous chubby bod.


Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

Printed Satin Wide Leg Trousers – Simply Be
Midi Dress in Satin With Keyhole Back – ASOS Curve
Off The Shoulder Top in Satin with Ruffle Sleeve – ASOS Curve
Deconstructed Midi Skirt in Satin – ASOS Curve


Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

Summer Velvet Pull On Peg Trousers – ASOS Curve
Velvet Strappy Bardot Top – Simply Be
Club L Plus Asymmetric Hem Dress In Printed Velvet – ASOS Curve
Sparkle Velvet Maxi Dress With Mesh Neckline – Yours Clothing


Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

Premium Festival Kimono – ASOS Curve
The Leni Kimono – Plus Equals
Joanna Hope Sequin Shift Dress – Simply Be
Dolores Vintage Inspired Maxi Prom Dress – GatsbyLady


Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

Daisy Street Plus Stud Detail Leather Look Skirt – ASOS Curve
Pleated Skirt with Sports Waistband – ASOS Curve
Wet Look Leggings – ASOS Curve
PU Floral Printed Prom Skirt – Simply Be


Fabric Phobia, plus size fashion

Midi Smock Dress in Dobby Mesh – ASOS Curve
The Fiercenet Dress – Plus Equals
Spot Mesh Peplum Top – Simply Be
Mesh T-Shirt Dress With Tokyo Floral Print – ASOS Curve



Nancy Whittington-Coates
Nancy Whittington-Coates

City Girl x Country Cottage Life // Lover of make up, books, fine art and Moomins // Bulldog and Sphynx Cat Mum

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