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Now, let me get this off my chest (see what I did there?!). I used to work for the company that was the main distributor for Elomi in UK as a bra fitter (burnt some bridges there!) It was there that I was first introduced to Elomi. My first Elomi bra was Kiki. It was so comfy that I fell asleep in it as I forgot I even had it on. I even bought it again when I changed sizes. Then, came Opal. Opal is a glorious half cup bra that also, yes, was insanely comfy and gave an amazing shape.

So, when I walked past my old place of work and saw the harnessed beauty that is the Elomi Sachi, I spent months ruminating on when/where to buy it. One day, armed with a discount code, I bought the bra that I knew was going to be the new love of my life. The Elomi Sachi bra comes with both a high-waisted brief and a standard brief in sizes 14-24 (however, with a high-waisted brief generally you can size down). Starting in a size 32 to a 46, and cup size DD to JJ, Elomi really is amazing at catering to as many people as possible in terms of sizing.

Elomi Sachi, black bra with sheer mesh detailing and harness crossover.

Elomi black bra with sheer mesh detailing and harness crossover.

I. Love. It. I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. It has gotten so big in the blogger community! Before I bought it, I kept seeing it everywhere. I was jealous, but I was also so happy at how much love it was getting. Truth is, I’m not surprised – Elomi is a fantastic brand. While on the more expensive side, I can definitely say they are the comfiest, best quality bras I have ever invested in.

With the Elomi Sachi bra, I would suggest going up in the back and down in the cup as the back comes up slightly smaller. (Also with Opal, you need to maintain the back size but go up in the cup! Kiki is generally true to size.)

Here are some beautiful bloggers wearing the stunning Elomi Sachi Bra

Spent the afternoon playing dress up I love Sundays ✨

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How amazing do all these babes look in the Elomi Sachi? Have you bought one yet?





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