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Big arms! Some of us have them and they’re beautiful! However, with plus size clothing, some of the designs and cut of tops  don’t keep this in mind and so it means that some things don’t fit. This is rubbish because if you do have big arms you still want to wear blouses and shirts and fitted long sleeved dresses.

You might have read my post about coming to love and accept my big arms. Instead of trying to change my arms, I changed my perspective on them and it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Now that I’m letting myself live in a world where I am not ashamed or afraid to hide my body away, I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces from the AW collections that are all about showing a little arm or shoulder action!

First up… ASOS

These arm bands are so in right now and your arms deserve some bling so:

ASOS Arm Cuff



Cold shoulders are pretty much a staple in plus fashion. A lot of people have hypothesized that this is because it is a way to hide upper arms, but I personally think you could use this off the shoulder number as a way to accentuate!


It’s winter and cold but what if you’re going away to find some winter sun? You’ll need this for some evening wear.



New Look

Just because it’s not spring doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cute floral, plus this is on sale!



Don’t shy away from short sleeves. Long or short sleeve you’ll rock this gorgeous floral fitted dress!




I’m rather late to the jumpsuit game but now I have been converted and I’ll never go back! You don’t need a LBD to slay!

glitter jumpsuit george asda


Pink Clove

This is cold shoulder but with a twist and it’s cute af!



Pink Clove know how to do a unique cold shoulder and it’s a wonderful way to show off your arms!





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