Why We Don’t Want An Award

Daisy Hollands
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Daisy Hollands

Mother. Plus size model. Fat Activist. Diet Industry Dropout.
Daisy Hollands
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The team at She Might Be were delighted to learn that we have been nominated for a Style XL award, in the Best Plus Size Publication category.

Given that we’ve only been in existence since mid September, we are amazed and thrilled that some of our readers took the time to nominate us and we thank you all for your support.

However, we’ve decided collectively to pull out of the running before the voting starts. Our party line on awards and award ceremonies is that we’re definitely not here to compete. There is room for all of us. We don’t agree with anyone being made to feel less or not worthy because they didn’t get the most votes. We don’t want to be up against anyone or encourage people to go head to head. If we all stand together and support each other, we are all winners in our own right.

We are very happy to have made such an impact and impression in such a short space of time and we will strive to continue to help our readers enjoy the lives they live and the bodies they live in.




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