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Everybody sweats. And guess what? It’s actually incredibly healthy for you to sweat! Not only does your body excrete toxins when you sweat, looking after your kidneys and brightening up your skin, but it literally saves your life by preventing your body from overheating. So how come we’re all so worried about being sweaty? It all comes down to discomfort. Stale sweat can be smelly, which obviously none of us want, and in all honesty it can feel super gross to feel moist fabric touching your skin whenever you move. And while logically we can remind ourselves that sweating is totally normal, there is no arguing with a set of sweaty knickers and their potential to chafe.

In swoop Knix, with their totally innovative underwear which is quick-dry, has some sort of magical anti-odour powers and they are super stretchy to boot. There are no underwires in any of their underwear, which is basically a direct message from heaven in my book. And it isn’t just your standard bra and pants that they offer – I was immediately drawn to the Knixwear tee as soon as I visited the website, keeping in mind my tendency to sweat when anxiety strikes. All of their fabric absorbs up to 3tsp of liquid, so that dreaded trickle down your back will never interrupt your day again – and this makes the knickers ideal for light period days.

So what about the brand? As any long term reader of She Might Be will know, we are huge on only promoting brands who we feel fit our ethos. While the sizes don’t quite reach the top of our desired range, they definitely have a wider spectrum than most retailers of even standard underwear – and of course, there is always room to grow! My favourite thing that struck me immediately with this brand was the actual images they used. Close ups of wobbly bums and stretch-marked thighs tell me that this is a brand who loves their customers exactly as they are and don’t want them to change anything, ‘cinch in’ any part of themselves, ‘flatten’ or ‘enhance’ – they just want you to be comfy exactly as you are. And that is a brand I can get on board with.



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