Do I Need a New Dress For Every Event?



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I don’t know if it’s since becoming a blogger, or since I started to have a little more disposable income – but wanting a brand new dress for every single occasion is becoming a real issue! Of course, I don’t want a new outfit for every single day at work, in fact I have a work wardrobe that I tend to wear and re-wear to death and that suits me just fine. But when it comes to nights out and other actual occasions, I really struggle with wearing the same thing over again.

I realise that in many ways it is a ridiculous problem to have, but I’m sure I am not alone. So, as an example – I am off to Blackpool for a long weekend next weekend (I know, I go to the best places). So far, I haven’t bought anything new to wear (we’ll be having 3 nights out there) and I really want to. The problem is, when it comes to looking for new plus size dresses – they’re expensive! I look over to my bursting wardrobe and piles of boxes (I’m moving house soon) and really struggle to justify £50 on a new dress, when I already have so many. I think part of the issue is that for nights out I wear such statement dresses – this means I feel like they stand out. If I wear them again people are going to know straight away. I realise that NO ONE will care and probably most won’t even notice, but it’s something that I think about a lot.

Do I Need a New Dress For Every Event?

Debz, size 32, wearing various colourful dresses in bold, playful prints

Would anyone care if I wore any of these dresses again? Of course not! Would me wearing a dress for a 2nd time effect how many fun I had on the night out? Absolutely not! And I know, because I tried! Last weekend, I went out for dinner and drinks with a group of friends. I wore this VERY OLD Yours Clothing dress and had a great time. I used to love this dress – remember when loads of us have one in various colours? so it feels a shame that it would never get an outing again! So I wore it, I was comfy and I had a great time and I didn’t even need to spend money on a new dress to make it happen.

new dress, Debz, size 32, wearing a black and pink dress

Debz, size 32, wearing a black and pink dress

I know that sometimes social media can put pressure on us to always have the newest, best outfits but in reality that doesn’t work! Can I promise not to buy a new dress for Blackpool? Of course not! But I will certainly try and I definitely won’t be buying a new dress for each of the nights out we’ll be having while I am away!





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