Denim For People Who Don’t Like Denim

I’m not a denim person at all, in fact I’m what you could call ‘anti-denim’. I haven’t worn any in probably 5+ years, maybe more, and I have no regrets! It’s just not for me, but I am trying to be much more open and after Evans‘ Customising Denim Workshop the other week, I want to give it a chance. Which meant that I then spent hours looking through the internet for pieces that didn’t completely offend me, and I was quite surprised with what I found.

I mean, these are kinda (dare I even say it?) cute…! I would actually wear them. Obviously not more than one at the same time, double denim will never happen for me, but I’d definitely attempt wearing this particular material again. What do you think of these pieces I’ve picked out? Is it weird to have a phobia of denim, or are there some of you who feel the same? Tell me below!


Simply Be Wrap Dress – £35
Sizes Available: 12 – 32

Elvi Pleated Skirt – £39
Sizes Available: 18 – 24

Simply Be Sole Diva Patch Pumps – £25
Sizes Available: 4 – 9

Evans Embroidered Shirt – £26.25
Sizes Available: 16 – 30


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City Chic Drape Jacket – £67.50
Sizes Available: 14 – 24

Simply Be Midi Skirt – £25
Sizes Available: 10 – 18, 28 – 32

Evans Blue Jewelled Espadrilles
– £25
Sizes Available: 4 – 10EEE

Simply Be Ruffle Top – £25
Sizes Available: 12 – 32


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