In Defence of the One Piece Swimsuit

Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
Kitty Morris

I know, I know, it’s howling wind and cold outside and I have the audacity to mention a swimsuit. I’m forever dreaming of my next Summer holiday, and planning a holiday always comes with the inevitable desire to shop! I always suddenly realise that I, in fact, own no Summer clothes and no swimming costumes. Every time! One of my favourite parts of any holiday in a sunny location is swimming. I love splashing about in the pool, paddling in the ocean, and generally spending all my time lounging about in my swimming costume.

When I go hunting for a swimming costume, as adorable as they are, I skip straight past the fatkinis, and to the one pieces. Fatkinis have become synonymous with the body positive movement. I can still remember the first time I saw the term, and the first time I saw a plus size babe on tumblr rocking her bikini. Back then they didn’t even exist for us, she had made it herself! So why on earth would I pick a boring old one piece suit over a glamorous bikini? Well, for starters, we’ve come a long way and there are legions of cute, sexy and fashionable one piece swimsuits now. Gone are the days of boring, plain swimming costumes only available in black and navy. I swear, at one point there was only that one swimsuit available, you know the one, it probably had two bits of plain white piping down the front, we all had it. Not now though, now there is a style for everyone now!


Do you want a suit with mesh panels? Check! Maybe you’re all about revealing cut outs and showing some flesh? Check! Flowers? Check! Polkadots, leopard print, every pattern you can think of? Check! Our plus size and full bust swimsuit options are so varied now. There are bandeaus and halternecks and harness style straps, full cup support, removal bust padding, swimdresses, if you can think of it, you can probably find it now. There are one piece swimsuits to fit the style of everyone, from the most goth, to the most glam, and you can still get that classic navy one piece if that is still more your sort of thing.

The major reason that I love a one piece, is for that extra bit of security when swimming. I love being underwater, doing handstands, and the opportunity to just be in the water as much as possible. I always feel just that bit more secure leaping about in a one piece, no fear that my top might be about to escape! If more activity is your aim, I generally think a one piece is the safer option to know that I’m not about to flash. I maybe, possibly, remember an incident as a teenager in which I might have very almost lost my bottoms going down a slide, whilst my top tried to escape in the opposite direction. No risk of that in a one piece thank goodness!

You can get so many gorgeous one piece plus size and DD+ swimsuits now, check out Simply Beach for some goodies!


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