Dear bloggers, There’s No Need To Feel Guilty About Your Blog


Blogger daydreaming around London - iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

As plus size blogging has increased in popularity, there has been an increase in the critique of blogs. We’re all expected to have magazine-like layouts, a team of experts to assist in shoots, and an unlimited supply of clothes so outfits are not repeated. It’s a change that has happened over the last few years and I can’t help but hark back to how blogging used to be.

When I started reading blogs, people would simply throw on an outfit, head outside (or stay inside), throw a pose or two and that would be it. No-one cared about lighting or whether the breeze was going in the right direction, and I think it’s a shame that blogs are now expected to be “professional” looking from the get go. This simply cannot be a reasonable expectation.

There’s No Need To Feel Guilty About Your Blog

Don’t let expectations make you panic about your blog

There are many factors that come into account when it comes to the quality of a blog; namely, budget, time and personal goals.

Budget is a huge factor that few people with one, think about. Not everyone has the money to buy a DSLR camera, not everyone can afford a Photoshop application to edit pictures, not everyone has an endless supply of clothes to chop and change at a moment’s notice. You do not have to have mass revenue to feel worthy of having a space. That’s the joy of blogging!


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Time is a precious thing and if you are not a full time blogger it is very difficult to dedicate huge amounts of time to blogging. Please remember that this is OK! If you only have an hour or so a week to take photos and write a post, then you only have an hour. Do not feel guilty for not spending all your free time blogging. We all have lives; we all have other commitments that need just as much, if not, more time than blogging.

Personal goals are just that, personal. Just because you do not have the desire to become a full time blogger, it does not mean you shouldn’t blog. Blogging is a hobby for me, not something I envisage as a full time job. It’s simply one of my creative outlets and I’m OK with that. I know that that subsequently means opportunities won’t come my way in the same way they would for someone who blogs full time. Make the blog you want to make and have the vision you want to have – not the vision of someone else.

Blogs were not originally designed to look like the magazines you find on the shelves of your local corner shop; blogs were designed to be DIY, to be purposely personal and a way to connect to like-minded people, so don’t let any of the above factors bring you down. Put yourself out there on your terms and don’t let expectations hold you back.




Blogger daydreaming around London – iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

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