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There are few things I love more in this world than vintage fashion and looking at pretty things (read: clothes). So I was pretty darn delighted when my suggestion of a ‘Date night outfit’ post was met with positive noises from the SMB team! As you lovely readers will know, GatsbyLady, creator of 1920s-inspired dresses, and Nine X Lingerie, creator of pretty plus size pyjamas, are two of our sponsors. So I thought they would be an excellent place to start! (And hey, if this one goes well, I may look into doing a series. I bloody love a series. Just ask Netflix.)

As it’s a dream outfit sort of a post, I’ve decided on a dream-date sort of a scenario too.


The preparations would begin mid-afternoon, with me running a rose-scented bath at exactly the right temperature. (Never mind that I usually end up with one that’s tepid or boiling thanks to a temperamental boiler. I generally find myself faffing with the taps until I’ve lost all enthusiasm and have a ‘sod it’ shower instead.)

Around an hour – or four chapters of my book – later, I’d rise feeling refreshed and rested, putting on these pyjamas and this dressing gown so I could feel like a glamorous Hollywood starlet who’s about to get ready at a fully-stocked dressing table, in front of a mirror surrounded by lightbulbs, instead of my spare room with its piles of stuff that needs sorting and slightly grotty 3/4 length mirror.

Nine X Lingerie


During the date

Possibly because of all the old films I watch on Sunday afternoons (or Tuesday evenings), whenever I think of a glamorous night out I always think of dancing. And not the ‘jumping around, singing made-up lyrics’ dancing that I do in the kitchen. I mean the charleston, lindy-hopping, jiving – all those funky dances that look amazing but I’m not confident enough to attempt, having only done a couple of mediocre years of modern jazz and cheerleading, which seem a long time ago now.

But, this is a dream date scenario, my friends! And that means not only can I dance like a dream, but so can my husband (he occasionally joins in with the kitchen dancing. We are not graceful). So we’d go to a dinner-dance, drinking sparkly cocktails before taking a turn on the dance floor. Everyone knows that beading, pearls and a little bit of bling are just what you need for a fancy night out (my nan – a very glamorous lady indeed – always used to say: ‘you need a bit of bling’), I reckon this dress, shoes, beads and bag combo would be just perfect.


I’ve recently got really into hats (visit me on Instagram for more), but I’m not sure they mix with dancing. I’d be sticking with a headband as I need something to keep my hair under control. It has a nasty tendency to do its own thing when I’m not looking.



After a thoroughly delightful evening where we’d drink, dance and generally make merry, there’s what contributor Sophie calls: ‘after-date night’. In a dream date scenario, I’d be slipping into something more comfortable at the end of the evening. Perhaps something like this chemise from Nine X Lingerie, which actually looks comfortable.

nine x lingerie

How about you guys? Have you seen anything I should be considering for my next date night?




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