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Complementary therapies are something that most people can have to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. They help aid relaxation and promote better health overall. I was recently invited to try out a Reflexology session from Jennie Levick’s website at Green Care Clinic in Sheffield. Jennie is an unbelievably talented and accomplished woman who previously was the National Director of the International Institute of Reflexology. It’s safe to say that I felt very comfortable having my first treatment with Jennie after reading all about her. I have very realistic expectations towards complementary therapies as I suffer from chronic pain after a car accident a few years ago. That means I know there’s no miracle treatment, but these sorts of treatments are a fantastic way to help relieve some of the stress/anxiety/pain and make day to day life a little more doable. Plus you have something to look forward to as it’s recommend that you should have Reflexology every couple of months, Jennie described it so wonderfully and I really should have wrote it down. It was something like your body needing a top up, an MOT if you will, a little check up and a boost to send you on your way.

Reflexology is based on that there are different points in your hands, feet, lower legs, face, and even ears that correspond with different areas around your body. A Reflexologists will work on these areas to aid relaxation and ensure your body is fully relaxed all over. Jennie said that small problems can often be detected up to 2 years before they appear, but this is not 100% definite, more of an indication there might be a problem in a certain area. Whilst Jennie was working my points in my feet, I did feel something different between two toes, that area relates to my ears and eyes. Both of which I do have slight issues with. Of course this meant I was a full on believer in that second, and also quite concerned as they’re two areas I’ve been meaning to get checked out again for far too long! However, reflexologists do not claim to be able to diagnose anything and it’s always important to speak to your doctor before seeking out complementary therapies, just in case.

Reflexology has been practised for over 5000 years, but it has only recently been introduced into the western world in the last few centuries. By now everyone knows how stress is a silent killer and it really can cause so much harm to your health, I know this from personal experience too. That’s why I have complementary therapies quite regularly. After reflexology I can’t say that I felt anything different pain wise (but as I said I’m quite a severe case of chronic pain so no miracles here) but I definitely felt incredibly relaxed and ready for a nap. Jennie actually covers you up with a blanket (or blanky as I call them) and it’s just so comforting. Some people may feel an instant difference in their mood, they may even find themselves sleeping better but this is completely dependent on the individual. fatigue.

I’ve wanted to try Reflexology ever since my car accident. We went down the claim route which meant I got private physiotherapy, but it really didn’t do that much. I’m ever so grateful to The Association of Reflexologists for giving me the opportunity to try it out and I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to try it out too.

Just in case any fellow spoonies come across this post, Jennie did recommend that perhaps Neuroflexology would be better for me. A treatment that takes 15 minutes and is performed on your lower legs. I don’t know too much about the practice as it’s quite new, but I definitely know who I’d trust to have it with!

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