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Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
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So the first thing I have to admit is that I am not your traditional beauty blogger. I love makeup, I just suck at it. The extent of my makeup skills is limited to just very basic eye makeup and a bright lip, it’s my signature look… because I can’t do anything else! I might be terrible at makeup, but I do know a good cruelty free brand when I find one, and my newest obsession is Coloupop’s lip products.

Colourpop are a US based brand, who only sell direct from their website, so getting them to the UK does involve custom fees, but considering the price of the products, the fees have been really reasonable. Colourpop are a budget beauty brand, their lip products retail from $4 to $6 for singles, and they also sell their lip products in value bundles too. They also sell eye and cheek products, I haven’t tried any of those yet, so I’m just here to tell you about the lip goodies today.

In terms of customs fees, you will get them. Currently they offer free UK shipping on orders over $50, and on an order of that size you’ll get around £15 in customs fees. I’ve placed one huge order of over $130 and the fees on that were about £32, so it made it cheaper to buy in bulk. All the women in my family went in together on that one!  There are different boundaries that apply for customs fees, and you can read all about the specifics on the Royal Mail website. They ship through USPS, so Royal Mail deliver it once it gets into the UK. I usually find it takes about 3-5 days for my order to ship, and about 2- 3 weeks total to have it in my hands after paying the fees.


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They have a mixture of different types of lip products, the lippie stix are their versions of traditional lipsticks, matte and satin liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lips, lip liners and glosses. I’ve tried everything but the lip liners and the glosses. Glosses just aren’t my thing and I’ve been so overly excited by all the different lip products that lip liners were low on my priority list.

The lippie stix comes in different formulas, including matte, matte X, sheer, glossy, crème and pearlised. I am totally obsessed with these –  the matte and matte X formulas are my favourites. While they are both matte, the matte X is more of a velvety finish and it is divine!  They are really comfortable and soft to wear, and for a regular lipstick are very long lasting. They have a huge range of colours in these and I treat them like Pokemon, gotta buy them all!


The satin and matte liquid lipsticks are the real Colourpop classics. Once you have these on, unless you eat oily food, they are not going to budge! I’ve found the colour range to be really consistent, often the really dark colours, especially purples, can be really lacklustre in matte liquid lips, but these are fantastic across the whole colour range. I can’t tell much of a difference between the satin and the matte finishes, but I know some people find the satins more comfortable for regular wear. These are my go-to products for a night out, because I know I don’t need to worry about them wearing off until that late night trip to the local pizza place before we go home. These are kiss and touch proof, and will need an oil based remover to actually get them off your lips. I have to admit I’ve used whatever cooking oil I’ve got in the kitchen to get them off when I’ve run out of my actual oil based makeup remover…


The newest products I’ve tried out are the metallic liquid lipsticks. I’ve tried a lot of metallic finish products, and these are the first ones I’ve tried that are genuinely metallic, rather than a glittery finish. These don’t dry down like a matte liquid lip, so they aren’t touch or kiss proof, but they are so incredible I’m willing to give them a pass on that. They last really well, I’ve worn them for a full day and only had to reapply when I’ve eaten oily food. These add so much dimension to your lips, and I think they are amazing for the holidays and parties.


I’ve become a bit of a Colourpop addict since I placed my first order, I love finding  new cruelty free brands to explore. If you love Colourpop too, what are your favourite shades?




Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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