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Leanda Lewis

Leanda Lewis

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Child raising, husband having, veggie, feminist, sci fi loving foul mouth gin swiller. I design jewellery too!
Leanda Lewis

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Why is it fat woman aren’t encouraged to dress themselves nicely? The last 18 years of me dressing myself have been depressingly shite. I don’t fit into the clothes a lot of  standard shops, and vintage retailers (the expensive ones) only go up to a small 18 if you’re lucky. And I’m sick of it. I find nice things, they don’t fit properly so I make do.
Why can’t I eat cake and drink wine and be rambunctious and sensual and take up space? Why do TV and and the media and shops assume fat people don’t like themselves enough to dress nicely?
I’ll tell you why – because society doesn’t encourage woman to like their bodies or their looks. We are held to unachievable standards encouraged by white, slim, able, fresh faced 18 year olds smiling out from every magazine and poster to try and buy society’s crap and achieve face/body nirvana, because God help if you look tired or fat or (said in a low whisper) old.


Women are old
Women are fat
Women are over 6 foot
Women are “blokey”
Women have rough edges and like manly things
I won’t diminish myself and take up less space than I am due.
I won’t bow and scrape and hide and agree with your health “concern” because, unless you’re a medical doctor with access to my records, you’re just a Google medic and can actually fuck off. I don’t care for your bullshit society not one bit.
Represent me on billboards, magazines and TV. Make me the love interest, take me seriously as a person with agency. Accept that my body IS a summer body. It is  In fact (and this may surprise you) a summer, autumn and a fucking winter one too. All season it’s an all season body, that deserves love, respect, self worth and a fucking shirt from a high end retailer and a pair of decent fitting trousers that don’t make me think of when sausage meat spills out of its case. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again until someone listens: I’M FAT AND I HAVE MONEY. Make me some fucking clothes that fit and aren’t tents and billowing. And sorry. Stop pretending there is only one way to be beautiful and it’s by never being happy with what we have.

In short have a fucking word mate.
Leanda Lewis
Leanda Lewis

Child raising, husband having, veggie, feminist, sci fi loving foul mouth gin swiller. I design jewellery too!


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