Is the Clinique Sonic Care Brush Worth Buying?

Back in December I attended an event in Milton Keynes to find out more about the Clinique Sonic Care Brush. I came home and raved about it to Mr C for about a week and, for a change, he actually listened carefully to me and on Christmas Day I found one under the tree for me!

In addition to the brush I also got a cleanser and moisturiser in the box, I wasn’t a fan of the liquid facial soap that was in there so I decided to find a different cleanser.


 I spent ages browsing the counter and eventually settled on the City Block Purifying Cleanser. Recently I noticed that my La Roche Posey Cleanser wasn’t agreeing with my skin and I was beginning to get breakouts on my chin and nose so I thought it was time to make a change.
Both myself and Mr C have been using the cleanser, I’m slowly trying to persuade him to take better care of his skin, whether he will stick to it I don’t know. I’d heard a lot about charcoal being good for oily skin so I had high hopes for this.

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The cleanser comes out black but once you add some water it turns into a white foam. I have been using it with my sonic brush which allows me to get in and around my nose and down my neck without making a huge mess like I do when I use my hands, somehow I always end up with water dripping down my arms and all over my top! When I first saw the brush I instantly assumed it would be another gimmick, soon to be forgotten about but, after being given a proper demonstration of it, I was very keen to get one. At almost £80 for the brush (in the set), the price tag is enough to make me want to use it everyday, I can’t remember the last time I just splashed my face with water. I now take the time to cleanse and moisturise every day and its really made a difference to my skin. If you wear makeup then you will need to double cleanse, I find that when I do wear any it doesn’t fully remove foundation so I tend to use the brush twice and then use micellar water to remove the remainder.

The cleanser itself has become a firm favourite, after using it I noticed straight away there was no tight feeling, my skin felt clean and less oily and it stayed like that until mid afternoon. After 5 weeks of using it I have noticed a huge difference. I haven’t had any spots on my chin, only one on my neck and a couple on my nose, my skin is looking the best it ever has! I’m going add the Clinique clarifying lotion and cleanser and try and get myself in a proper cleansing routine (eventually!)

Have you tried any Clinique products? Are there any products you would recommend?

Natalie E
Natalie E

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