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Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

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Kitty Morris

One of the worst parts about falling in love with the wardrobes of US bloggers is that often we can’t get hold of the same brands in the UK. And if we can get them shipped to the UK, the fees are often extortionate! One of the brands I always find myself enjoying is City Chic, and recently I discovered that they have an ever growing range stocked at Evans! Describing what City Chic do is kind of hard, their pieces are tailored and beautifully structured, but they often have a bit of an alternative edge. Right now their range is filled with lace and mesh, with flashes of unexpected silhouettes and gorgeous prints. I love it!

City Chic at Evans

This is their mesh stripe dress and MOD biker jacket. The print on the dress is so pretty. It’s a stunning floral pattern full of purples and blues, with striped intersections of mesh. It’s such a great combination of a traditionally feminine print with just a touch of rock and roll. If, like me, you like to feel girly but also love that goth chic life, this is such a good choice for an event that requires something a bit more formal.

It has darts in at the hips that create a more defined waist and then it skims over your hips. I’m wearing a bralette rather than a traditional bra here, and it really gave my bust a boost! The sizing on City Chic’s range isn’t done in traditional sizes but rather it runs from an S to an XXL, which using the size guide provided by Evans is a 16-24. However, this is taken from City Chic’s own website, and they are a US brand, so an XXL is more like a 26-28.

The jacket is just: wow! I love a biker jacket and I had never seen a lace one before! It’s a great jacket for spring right through to autumn as it adds an extra layer without adding too much bulk. Ideal for those warm evenings we will hopefully start experiencing soon as the weather gets better.

I am absolutely obsessed with the whole City Chic range and have a whole bunch of it on my wishlist. If you haven’t checked them out before I highly suggest you do! The jacket in particular has become one of my absolute favourite things in my entire wardrobe.




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