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There almost definitely won’t be snow this Christmas, but there is always room for ice underneath the tree. I’m always an absolute nightmare to buy for at Christmas time (seriously, ask my husband!) so when F.Hinds asked me to have a little gander at their beautiful jewels I knew I need to throw away my entire Christmas list and just send my husband the link. Here are some of my top picks from their website, and some of the amazing discounts that they are currently running.


I hardly ever wear earrings, because I tend to buy cheap ones that make my ears itch after a day. But when I look at these gorgeous white gold and diamond cluster studs I want to start wearing earrings again pronto. They are so dinky and elegant, I absolutely love them – and I love the price too, as they’re currently offering £150.00 off of the recommended retail price.


Okay, how cute is this idea?! A diamond… Made of diamond! I really love jewellery that shows a cute graphic, and the fact that it is covered in jewels is definitely an added bonus. I can imagine rocking this with every single party outfit I could choose this Christmas, and it is simple enough to add a classy touch to your daywear, too. Definitely worth the £59.95 that it has been discounted to. jewels My wedding ring is gold with a band of white jewels, so I’m always on the look out for gorgeous piece of jewellery that will really compliment and highlight what I’ve already got. I would love to twinkle this Christmas in this gorgeous 9ct gold heart necklace. Even the chain is pretty, and its another piece that is completely versatile – and all for under £100! jewels

Am I the only person who loves the simple elegance of a tennis bracelet? I am such a clumsy person that I’m not sure I would even trust myself to wear this many jewels, but I’d definitely be up for giving it a shot. This beautiful bracelet is at the higher end of this gift guide in terms of price, at £750.00, but it would definitely make for a breathtaking Christmas morning.
jewels Okay lets get a ‘Sophie checklist’ going here. Rose gold? Check. Hearts? Check. Geometric looking pattern? Check. These earrings are just begging to be worn by me – and I am so happy to oblige that I’m considering just buying them myself! Who needs to wait until Christmas, right?!
jewels I don’t often wear bracelets, but I love this sweet rose gold number so much that I’d definitely make an exception. I love the cute smaller hearts placed at each side of the bracelet, and at under £100.00 it’d definitely make the perfect present for somebody you love this Christmas. jewels

The final piece I chose is a complete cheat choice, because it’s actually three items in one. I love these round solitaire diamonds, because I just think they look really classic and elegant. This set contains 1/4 carat diamonds, which would definitely sprinkle some joy into Christmas morning. It’s another high-end price point, but definitely one that I would consider worthwhile if you’re looking to buy somebody something extra special this Christmas.



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