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Sleep is important in any sense of the word. It gives our body time to recover, relax and heal. Our mind? It gets to switch off and go in sleep mode before the new day ahead of us. That’s why when I had my baby boy Jasper I was a little apprehensive over what would happen to sleep time. I’d heard about feeds in the middle of the night, changes etc and these never bothered me. However now Jasper is getting older we have had a few incidents where he’s leaked through his nappy during the night and not woken to tell us. This is where B-Sensible comes in handy.

B-Sensible, Violet Glenton

Whilst on the most part this is absolutely no biggie, I hate the idea of him sleeping in a wet cot and what’s worse is the process that is then undertaken to clean the mattress in the hope it’s not stained. When I read about mattress protectors I immediately picked one up, however it didn’t prove that useful to be honest. When I was offered to try B-Sensible I jumped at the chance. It promised to keep sweat, unwanted odours and dust off the mattress. Any way of keeping out mattresses in good nick is ay okay with me.

When the packaging arrived I was pleasantly surprised. They arrived beautifully wrapped and in their own B-Sensible Bag. There was a king sheet for us and a cot sheet for Jasper. It has a plasticky coat on the underbelly of the sheet but you can’t feel it thanks to the super smooth cotton like feel of the sheet. The material is actually 100% natural fibre called TENSEL which is quick drying. Win win for us parents!

You can buy B-Sensible here.

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I opted for the classic white but was pleased to see plenty of colours fromB-Sensible. In my use of it I’ve had no issues with staining, and it’s been washed a few times already!



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Violet Glenton

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