Bridging the Gap Between “Big” and “Sexy”

Heidi B

Hopeless underwear geek and founder of Pique Lingerie.

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When it comes to the plus size woman, I keep encountering two reigning stereotypes. At worst, she’s an unattractive couch potato who stuffs her face while wasting day after day infront of Netflix. At best, she is good-natured, funny, and makes a great sidekick for the thin girl who ultimately gets the guy and lives happily every after.

Even our favourite pin-up Hilda is portrayed as cute, clumsy and endearing – but certainly not sexy like her size 6 counterparts.

This really shook me. Why can’t we see plus size women beyond those terms? Why are we so hesitant to view curvy and fat women as strong and sexually desirable instead of bubbly and not to be taken seriously? What is so threatening about that?

To be fair things have gotten better. As more curvy women speak out and more plus size fashion brands emerge, there is increasing awareness that bigger women also want stylish clothes and sultry underwear.

Even lingerie brands are catching on and we are seeing more and more advertising with curvy ladies sprawled over red velvet couches, rolling around in white sheets and standing thoughtfully at hotel windows. And this is a great step forward. But to be honest, after seeing the bajillionth boudoir shoot, I’m a bit tired of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sensuality of the boudoir style. I know that for many brands this is exactly the style of photo shoot that brings out the mood of their label. Lingerie is very sensual, very personal and also very private, which is reflected beautifully in a boudoir setting. But I think it’s time for something a little more daring.

I want the gap between “big” and “sexy” to be bridged. The world needs to see that bigger, curvy women are not just life’s funny sidekicks. They are strong, confident, and mercilessly sexy; they experience lust, have fantasies and desires, and are not afraid to take what they want. And they have an undeniable erotic side.

And at some point it dawned on me… what better way to show this than through lingerie?

Pique Lingerie Pique Lingerie

This is how Pique Lingerie was born. I wanted to make provocative, jaw-dropping underwear for the woman with killer curves. I wanted to make lingerie that will highlight your wild side and encourage you to indulge.

Yes, ladies, that mercilessly sexy faux leather plunge bra with bondage strap detail is made just for you.

My hope is that by putting my lingerie out there, something will change – not only on a personal level by tapping into our inner vixen, but also in the ideas and images we put out into the world about people with curvy bodies.

I want Pique Lingerie to challenge the widely held perception that sex appeal is only reserved for certain body types.


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We all need role models. I know that if I had seen more images of confidently erotic women who looked like me, and known that there is sexy lingerie made for curves like mine, I would have embraced my sexuality a lot sooner.

I hope that with my label I can encourage women to explore their sensual side, confidently and unapologetically. Because the world should know that like beauty, sexiness is also not limited to a dress size.

Pique Lingerie

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About the Founder

Heidi is a 30-something lingerie enthusiast turned entrepreneur who cares more about her inner wear than her outerwear. A university graduate in Something Sensible, she ditched her jet setting career in order to found Pique Lingerie. She is a trained seamstress and has studied pattern drafting as well as lingerie construction and engineering. Combined with her business acumen, she is using her skills to push the limits in full cup bra design with the emphasis on sexy.

She enjoys long walks, tea time with friends, and having her feet pampered. If you’re a fan of Berlin’s nightlife, you might find her shaking what her (grand)ma gave her in one of the city’s famed clubs.

Heidi B
Heidi B

Hopeless underwear geek and founder of Pique Lingerie.


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