Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone
In my journey of body confidence I have been trying to push myself out of my self-made comfort zones with fashion, and wear things that I’ve always been told or felt that someone with my body can’t or “shouldn’t” wear. For example, bodycon skirts/dresses that show my entire figure off, especially with a VBO (visible belly outline), maxi dresses, baring my arms and top thighs have always been a big no no in Summer. The list could go on and on. There are so many unwritten rules about what a plus size woman should and shouldn’t wear. Some of those “rules” I put upon myself, some I have heard from others and the worst have come from the media. As I have gained confidence in myself and my body, I have slowly begun to push those barriers and smash through those rules. Break out of my comfort zone with a splash of colour, a dash of glitter and in style!

My newest little break through is wearing a maxi dress. I’ve always avoided wearing anything full length because of my height. At 5ft3, I always thought I would just look silly. I feared for someone commenting or simply ruining it for myself. Or, that I would end up looking like a child wearing her Mum’s dress, with 2ft of fabric draped around my feet and constantly tripping.

The maxi dress I chose to start off with is by Junarose, it is a black crochet dress with a two layered skirt, one is see through and the other is block black. Now, I will admit that I have altered this dress…. I wanted to flash a little bit of thigh and wear a full length dress at the same time, so I altered the second layer and shortened it. Doesn’t it look great?

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone, katt martin


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Before I tried this dress on I was so afraid that it would swamp me. That it would be way too long or look weird on my short torso and with my short legs. But my fears were just that, fear. Not fact. It looks stunning, if I do say so myself! I feel like I am channeling my inner 90’s goth, a fat summery witch in all her glory. I feel fierce and sassy. I thought to myself, why didn’t I wear this style before? What was stopping me? The fear of others saying something, that I would be ridiculed or I would put myself down. But my confidence while wearing this dress has wiped those fears away completely.

I believe that we all should try and break our own comfort zones with fashion, the reward could outweigh the risk. Yes, you might find that a certain style doesn’t actually suit you or you don’t like it but you will never know if you don’t try. You might find out that you rock a crop top, that you feel amazing in a tight skirt or dress and that stripes are the best thing since sliced bread. Doing something as small and easy as wearing a different style or pattern can really change your outlook on fashion and your body. I firmly believe that clothing can make the man (or woman in this case.) It can change the way you see your body and how you see others. It can bring so much joy, love and fun!

I hope that I may have inspired you push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new, you never know, it could change your entire outlook on fashion and your confidence.


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