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There are many things the plus size fashion forward among us might dream about, but the big one has to be seeing certain straight size brands give us their clothes in plus sizes. Oh what we would do to be able to throw our hard earned cash at more brands, but they just don’t seem to want it. We’ve been thinking about all the brands who we would love to be able to shop from, if only they did plus sizes….


I don’t think I’ve ever been able to buy clothes in Topshop. When I was a teenager our local store stocked up to a size 14, which is just shameful, but I’ve always wished they sold my size despite the snubs. They are a truly on trend brand, and these days they have a tall range, a petite range, and even a maternity range, but no plus size range. They sell up to a size 18 which is really dire, but I can dream!

Brands We Wish Did Plus Sizes, topshop


Now Primark is a shop that is beloved the world over, but I’ve rarely seen a size 20 in a store, usually an 18 is the highest you see. Sure some of their clothes can work for plus sizes, but to be able to walk into Primark and buy their fast fashion on the high street would rock. They have so much choice, we just want to be a part of that. A lot of plus size bloggers do wear Primark, but they are usually on the smaller end of fat, or wearing oversized pieces they can make work. I don’t want to make things work, I want them in my size. Is that too much to ask for?


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Brands We Wish Did Plus Sizes, primark


Zara are a little higher end for high street fashion, but they always have a good focus on trends and some beautiful detailing. They go up to a UK size 18, again it’s disappointing but I hope to see them extend their sizing as other high street retailers lead the way. They make statement pieces, fashion to invest in, and we want in.

Brands We Wish Did Plus Sizes, zara


Motel go up to a seriously shameful size 14, which in this day and age really is poor. They describe themselves as ‘unique, edgy and eclectic’, sadly they aren’t adding inclusive to that list any time soon. Their pieces right now are very 90s and fun, and how I wish we could partake. There are so many younger fat babes who would rock what they sell in particular. I can just picture them now….

Brands We Wish Did Plus Sizes, motel


Oasis have really lush party wear in right now that makes me extra gutted they only sell up to a size 18. Like so much of the high street, they have such a huge potential audience that is just ignored.

Brands We Wish Did Plus Sizes, oasis

What brands do you wish catered to plus sizes? I could have featured so many more, from high street through to the high end designers who really don’t even try. More and more brands are extending their size ranges, but we have to keep using our voices and our wallets to push for more size inclusivity.





Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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