I tried 4 brands of teeth whitening products and here’s what happened

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Teeth whitening is something I’ve considered for a long time. I’ve always felt I had slightly yellow teeth and it’s made me self-conscious of my smile. My sister suggested I try teeth whitening, but my dentist’s costs were way out of my price range. I wanted an affordable, simple way that I could try the process at home in a safe manner. However, when I went to the market, I spotted tonnes of teeth whitening products and didn’t know where to begin! If you’re feeling similar then this guide may help you choose which product will suit your teeth.

For full disclosure, you’ll notice some of the teeth are different on the images. I dragged my husband into this endeavour so I could test out the products on a coffee drinker and some other teeth. It seemed a fair way to experiment.

Billion Dollar Smile 

Firstly, I tested Billion Dollar Smile. You can pick these up at Superdrug and there range is pretty vast. I opted for the whitening strips and tooth polish, but they also have an LED mini light set and a top up gel set. I tested these strips for the full 2 weeks and found my teeth did definitely lift 2 shades. I followed the instructions pretty strictly, albeit the odd cup of tea. I did find I had a small bit of sensitivity on one of my canines, but have had issues with this prior so don’t put this solely down to the strips. It only took 15-30 minutes out of my day and I could pop them in and forget about them for an episode of Downton Abbey. The strips cost £22.49 and the polish £10.99.


Bella Brighton

Perhaps the prettiest packaging I ever did see, this whitening powder was a first for me. It’s 100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free. You can pick it up for £12.95. Whilst I did feel slightly like the exorcist when polishing my teeth with this, I found it to be really effective. I’m not sure whether it’s the harsh contrast of the charcoal that makes you feel your teeth are much whiter but I really liked it. Best of all, I experienced NO sensitivity with this at all. It only took a few minutes out of my day to apply, brush and remove the polish. Confession though, it definitely does taste like charcoal so try not to taste! You can buy them here.

Teeth Whitening, She Might Be

Teeth Whitening, She Might Be

ProCoal London

I tested these on my husband, and as he’s a serial coffee drinker I was a little concerned at how the results would go. While they did lift, I would of course recommend avoiding the coffee to give them a fair go. But it seemed only fair to test one of these products with a coffee lover as so many of us are now. They’re currently £16.99 and a real steal. As these strips are non-peroxide and enamel-safe my husband didn’t experience sensitivity. Best of all, the brand offers you a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re not happy after you’re 14 day applications you can contact them


Pro Teeth Whitening Co.

These are the most cost effective product at £11.99 for 14 sachets. You can pick them up in Boots or direct through their website. Again, this brand heavily emphasises the use of charcoal which ‘attaches to toxins and impurities in the body to draw them out’. By heck I hoped it’d do this for my teeth. I liked that these strips were black. Whereas all the other brands opted for see through. This is purely aesthetic but it seemed they were heavily emphasising the charcoal ingredient. Formulated by British Dentists, I experienced no issues with sensitivity.


Whether you’re wanting a quick polish to scrub away the dirt, or a long lasting strip application there is plenty on the market for everyone. If, like me, you can’t afford the £200+ treatment at your dentist then these could be suitable alternatives for methods at home. As all teeth are different you may find you get along better with one brand than another. Choose a method that fits into your lifestyle and get polishing those teeth!



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