Boohoo #AllGirls – Why Are Brands Still Getting It So Wrong?



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You’ll have to excuse the tone of this post a little, it’s going to be a bit ranty! I’m not going to apologise, because my anger is definitely justified but this definitely isn’t going to be a light-hearted post like normal.

This Morning I woke up to this:

boohoo all girls

At first glance it looks great doesn’t it? Unfortunately Boohoo have a history of poor choice posts including fat shaming memes, so I dared to hope that this might be a turning point. After all, these days brands have first hand contact with so many of their customer base – you’d assume they would listen to them.

And then… I clicked onto the website!

Even if we ignore the fact that the film excludes so many bodies (transgender, non binary, disabled, fat) the range literally leaves me with despair. When you click onto their website and view the range it stops at a size 16/18!!

Now, don’t get me wrong – they have no obligation to make clothes for me and my body – in fact they never, ever have. However, I don’t see why or how they can use a campaign that apparently includes everyone, yet excludes so many people!

boohoo all girls


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Boohoo are definitely not the only brand guilty of this, but today really did capture anger within me. They made such a big deal of the range being “For All Girls” yet they exclude so many. Even, if you give them some grace and say they do have a plus size range, even this stops at a size 26.

As a brand their range definitely isn’t good enough, but when you consider this campaign, they have failed so many people it’s unbelievable.

It Really Isn’t Hard

I think for me, I don’t understand why brands find it so difficult to get body positivity right. They literally have free access to so many people talking about this on a regular basis so why aren’t they using this? Social media is packed full of people of all shapes, sizes, genders, colours and abilities – we’re practically dong their research for them.

Brands – Do Better.

Have a look at #WeAreAllGirls – a kick back to the Boohoo campaign with lots of gorgeous faces joining in!





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