Boobs Deserve Better: Your New Bra Fit Guide #boobsdeservebetter

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Welcome to your first Boobs Deserve Better post!

I will be scanning the internet for the worst offenders for putting models in badly fitting bras. #boobsdeservebetter aims to show you what a good fitting bra should look like and how to spot the signs that you’re wearing the wrong size.

I know that some brands are only provided with sample sizes. Personally, I don’t see this as an excuse and it’s a brand’s duty to show women what a well fitted bra should look like to prevent their customers buying the wrong size.


Brand: Hunkemoller


Styled by: ASOS

Models wears size: 34B

This model is certainly, 100% NOT a 34b. She is definitely going to be a size 28 back. See how her hooks are on the tightest set? That means even as a brand new bra it is already too loose on her. They’ve tightened it up to make it look like it fits. Your bra band should be snug straight away and fitted on the loosest set of hooks. That way, as it starts to age you can tighten it up. If your new bra is on the tightest set of hooks and it is still comfortable and doesn’t dig in it generally means you can go down a back size. The gore also doesn’t appear to be sitting flat, which can be another sign of a band being too big.

Not only is her band completely wrong, but so is her cup. Her boobs look to me more of an E cup.


Brand: City Chic


Styled by: ASOS

Model wears size: 36D

Let’s compare the Hunkemoller and City Chic models’ sizes. The first wears the incorrect size 34B, the next is wearing a 36D. The second model is more of what a 34 back looks like. Comparing the two sizes the models are wearing should make it a little clearer how much of a disaster the fitting is. The model in this City Chic bra firstly has her hooks on what looks to be the second loosest set. Secondly, the wires in the bra are sat too far forward. They need to be sat more on the rib area. This is because our breast tissue goes very far back. That jabbing you get from your wires under your armpit? Yep, that’s your breast tissue they’re digging into. Your breast tissue needs to be pulled forward into the cup using the swoop and scoop method. Leaning forward does not work!


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Brand: Marks & Spencer


Styled by: Marks & Spencer

Model wears size: 34B

Oh would you look at that, another 34B! Once again, she’s going to be a 28 back and her band is again fitted on the tightest set of hooks. I’d probably say she’s a D or DD cup. It’s harder to tell because her bra is so badly fitted.


Brand: Elomi


Styled by: Simply Be

Model wears size: Unlisted

I worship Elomi. The comfiest bras I’ve ever worn. They specialise in plus size bras, going from a 34 to a 46 and a D to a K cup. So it’s a shame to see the lovely Nina bra looking a little sad on this lovely model. The first thing that jumps out to me is that there is a gap at the bottom of the cup. This can happen and to prevent it you need to “drop” your breast in. To do so, hold onto the flesh just below your cup wire on your ribs. Keeping that still, gently tug on your bra strap and your breast should drop into the cup. if you have gap at the top, either 1. Adjust your straps 2. Consider another style or 3. Go down a cup size if neither help resolve the issue.

The next thing I noticed was that her bra straps seemed quite loose and need adjusting as they look like they may slip off her shoulders. This is actually a common problem that I came across a lot where women had narrow shoulders and had problems with their straps staying put. If it’s not a case of adjusting your bra size, there are some things you can try. Specially designed hooks which create a racer back to give you more support and less chance of your straps slipping, or try a bra where the straps begin further into the bra cup.

And finally, that old chestnut, her band is too big!


Brand: Victoria’s Secret


Stylist: Victoria’s Secret

Model wears size: Unlisted

Perfect example of trapped breast tissue. Victoria’s Secret are notorious for making customers fit their bras rather than their bra’s fit their customers.


Brand: Ann Summers


Styled by: Ann Summers

Model wears size: Unlisted

ARGHHHHHH no. Major breast tissue issues, bra back too loose, wire too far forward, boobs clearly have been squashed into the cups to look like the bra fits. This is a bad one and wins worst fit of the week.


My top reminders:

  1. In my experience as a bra fitter, F is the most popular cup size.
  2. Everyone has one boob bigger than the other.
  3. A bra should not cause you any pain if it is fitted correctly. This includes back pain – find the right size and support and you should be comfortable.
  4. Your breast tissue needs to be pulled forward into the cup using the swoop and scoop method.
  5. Your bra band should be snug. It may be a shock at first and feel tight as you change band size, but you’ll soon get used to it and notice the benefits of a properly fitting bra! And almost everyone gets “back fat” because of their bra, it’s not something you should let bother you.
  6. Half-Cup/Full-Cup/Moulded are generally all Balcony bras.
  7. When you go down a back size, go up a cup size.
  8. When pregnant, you do not need to buy a non-wired maternity bra. If fitted correctly, the wires in your bra should not be sat on any breast tissue and therefore should not affect the production of milk (something I have heard a lot of women worry about). A maternity bra isn’t always needed in your earlier months of pregnancy.
  9. I always recommend trying on a bra regardless if you are certain of your size. Each bra can come up differently (yes, even if it’s the exact same one) and your bra size may change from style to style, brand to brand.
  10. Always get another opinion! When fitting yourself, it can have some flaws. Professional bra fitters have seen a million types of boobs and can tell you instantly why your bra is/isn’t fitting, solving a lot of hassle and returns.

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